New Student Orientation Service Project: Habitat For Humanity


    Work with future homeowners and other volunteers on building a house, work at the Habitat For Humanity Resale Store, or clean and rennovate someone's home. Your task may range from digging, to framing, to roofing. By working together, homeowners, volunteers, and donors become partners in the work of building houses, while building new relationships as well. No special skills required. Training and tools will be provided.

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    Reflections from Habitat for Humanity Participants

    1. Something I learned today is…

    • How to build a shelf
    • Those getting Habitat houses have to make house payments
    • I enjoyed participating in the community service and I would do it again!
    • I enjoyed myself more working to help others
    • An outline of how Habitat works and the applicant process
    • Everything counts.  Every job made a difference
    • How much I can help others
    • “be who you are, and don’t let anyone change your dreams”—Mr. Walker
    • Communication skills and leadership skills
    • That there are people less fortunate than me
    • That I'm very fortunate for having a beautiful house that is always taken care of

    2. I would like to learn more about…

    • The people we helped
    • The project itself…I’m thinking about participating in a Habitat for Humanity project overseas.
    • Similar work opportunities for children, elderly, and low income families
    • Building houses
    • Helping in the community in many ways
    • Talk with the folks who live that lifestyle for they have such interesting stories
    •  Volunteering in large groups/big projects

    3. I wish we had more time to…

    • Meet people
    • Get to know those that we were helping
    • Work at other sites
    • Help build houses
    • Spend time with the families
    • Talk with those who benefit;  they have such interesting stories
    • Visit and clean up other houses

    4. I was surprised about…

    • The amount of support the community service has…nice to know people are willing to help and volunte
    • How structured the program is
    • How much fun we could have
    • How much they trusted us
    • How much of a difference we can make
    • The conditions people live in
    • The number of people who shopped there
    • How friendly everyone was
    • How much habitat for Humanity has to offer the community.

    5. This experience was meaningful to me because…

    • I realized that other people aren’t so fortunate
    • I am at peace when I help others
    • I got to genuinely help my new community out
    • We made an immediate positive difference
    • It was just a good way to spend time
    • It helped someone in need
    • The people we did volunteer work for really appreciated our work.
    • I helped others less fortunate and enjoyed it!
    • I got to help someone less fortunate and meet new people
    • It gives me the chance to meet new people
    • I feel like homes are important for happy living