Recruiters from the world’s leading animation studios visit Ringling College annually to search for new talent.

Students take courses that explore the principles of visual storytelling, using 3D animation to bring their characters to life. Using the same cutting-edge technology employed in today’s animated feature film industry, students develop skills in motion, timing, modeling, rigging, texturing, lighting, staging, environment design, character design and sound. Produced in the same fashion and with the same high standards as in the film industry, the senior thesis is an animated short film demonstrating a mastery of the conceptual and the technical aspects of animation. Year after year, Ringling students earn top awards for their groundbreaking work.


Character Animator

Lighting Artist



Rigging Artist

Storyboard Artist

Technical Director

Texture Artist

Effects Animator

Layout Artist


Background Artist

3D Environment/Set Designer

Facial and Lip Sync Animator

Key Frame Animator

Pre-visualization Artist

Production Coordinator

Prop Designer

Render Wrangler

Set Designer

Visual Development Artist