Business of Art and Design

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The Ringling College Business of Art and Design program develops “the creative business mindset“, empowering our graduates to design and build the future of business. We offer an interdisciplinary, experience-based degree that is designed to train future executives to lead and collaborate in multiple areas of creative enterprise across all industries. 

Students follow a self-directed, competency-based curriculum focused on their individual passion and professional direction in the creative business space. Framed within an experiential based curriculum, classroom and industry experience is integrated to provide students with the opportunity to develop, plan, and implement creative concepts and innovations. 

The Ringling College Business of Art and Design program attracts exceptional, “out of the box” thinkers and self initiating students who graduate to careers in industries driven by innovation and future forward culture such as strategists, marketing and advertising leaders, costume designers, production designers, business developers, gallery managers, account managers, and junior executives. 

Our graduates have 100% job placement within 3 months after graduation either working for companies like L.A. based Disney and Boston based, Leap or becoming freelance extraordinaires who change the world through creative business enterprise. 


The Business of Art and Design Department has hosted business executives and creative leaders from companies such as Disney, Cirque du Soleil, MTV, DreamWorks and many more - all as part of the Business of Art and Design (BOAD) program's Creativity@Work series and Visiting Creative Leaders program.

The Creativity@Work series invites high-level executives and creative professionals from top companies and non-profit organizations to visit Ringling College and lead interactive presentations and discussions for BOAD students and students from all of the majors on campus.  These professionals share their work experiences and current projects, as well as give advice and information about their industries. In addition, many of the Visiting Creative Leaders work hands-on with students on various projects.

Disney Legend, Al Konetzni, The Disney Company
Presentation: Stories from My Thirty Year Career in Disney Character Merchandise

Brandon Oldenburg, VP of Creative and Adam Volker, Art Director, MoonBot
Presentation: From ReelFX to MoonBot: Starting Your Own Studio

David Grad, Executive Producer, MTV
Presentation: Creativity, Career, Branding and Promotion

Kathy Altieri, Production Designer, DreamWorks Animation, SKG
Presentation: Managing Change: The Real Story Behind How to Train Your Dragon

Sylvie Geneau, AVP Casting and Performance, Cirque du Soleil
Presentation: Creativity and Innovation at Cirque du Soleil

Bob Allen, former VP of Disney Production Services, Chief Storytelling Officer, i.d.e.a.s.
Presentation: Open Discussion: Creativity, Innovation, Leadership, and Careers

Steve Hickner, Director, DreamWorks Animation
Presentation: Getting the Fist Job in a Creative Field

Matt Stichcomb, VP Community, and Vanessa Bertozzi, Etsy
Presentation: The Business Behind

Dean Hoff, Director of CG, Nickelodeon Animation
Presentation: The Business of Making Animated TV Series


Max Howard, President Exodus Film Group
Presentation: Creating and Managing an Animation Studio after Working at Disney

Ron Summars, Director of Design Group, CIA
Presentation: Managing Creatives at the CIA

Larry Littlebird, Filmmaker and Storyteller, Hamaatsa
Presentation: Leadership and Storytelling

Leita Kaldi, Returned Volunteer, Peace Corps Senegal
Presentation: Giving Back to the World: Being a Peace Corps Volunteer

Wayne Traina, Business Manager and Match Bradford, Specialist, from Apple Store
Presentation: Apple's Unique Approach to Customer Service and the New iPad

Michael Brooks, Publisher/Creative Director, South Magazine
Presentation: Starting and Running a Magazine Business

Kushil Gunasekera, Founder, Foundation of Goodness Sri Lanka
Presentation: Cultivating Compassion and Creating Sustainable Solutions to Eradicate Poverty in the World

David Houle, Futurist, Author of Shift Age
Presentation: What Does the Future Hold for Companies and Our Society?

Shawn Seipler, Co- Founder of Clean the World
Presentation: How A Simple Creative Idea Can Become a Hygiene Revolution

Emily Sperling, Executive Director of ShelterBox
Presentation: Making an Impact in the World - The Story of ShelterBox

Jacqueline Hassink, Renown Photographer and Entrepreneur
Presentation: Tables of Power and Other Creative Projects with Top Multinationals around the World

John Tarnoff, Former Director of Show Development at DreamWorks Animation, SKG
Presentation: 21 Slides for the 21st Century

John Lack, Creator of MTV Networks
Presentation: The Birth and Evolution of MTV