PreCollege 2016

June 26–July 23, 2016

Thinking about going to art and design school?

Spend four weeks at Ringling College living like a college student, learning directly from the world's best faculty, and working with the most advanced technology and facilities in the industry. 




Make Friends, Make Art, Make Memories

Every summer, high school students from around the world come to Ringling College for an intense four-week art and design program to experience a taste of college life and earn college credit. Participants live in Ringling dorms, learn essential concepts of art and design, and get acquainted with cutting-edge, professional facilities.

PreCollege Immersions

Ringling College PreCollege offers multiple immersions to choose from. Listed below, take a look at the list and to find out more, check out an in-depth description of each immersion here.

3D Computer Animation
Ad Design
Creative Writing
Digital Art Promotion (BOAD)
Drawing for Animation
Fine Arts
Game Design
Game Art
Glass Casting
Graphic Design
Interior Design
Motion Design
Photography & Imaging
Stop Motion Design
Visual Programming
Visual Development/Concept Art
ZBrush: Digital Sculpting

Choose Your Immersion

The PreCollege program offers the best of the art college experience: major-specific immersions in your chosen field of study, in-depth studio instruction in five fundamental art and design courses, and fun social activities that highlight Ringling College’s picturesque location, Sarasota, Florida. Wherever your PreCollege experience leads you, you’ll have Ringling College faculty and student teaching assistants offering valuable guidance every step of the way. Through critiques with faculty, guest artists, teaching assistants and peers, you’ll learn how to analyze and discuss your work and the work of others in a supportive setting. Focused dialogue and evaluations will help you to assess the strengths and weaknesses in your artistic practice. And those discoveries will bring you to the next challenge—applying what you learn to what you do. 

You’ll leave with a solid understanding of college-level artwork, a stronger portfolio for college applications and scholarships, and a number of lasting friendships.




PreCollege opens doors to college admissions, scholarships, and other long-term career goals. Not only will you earn college credit and get a headstart on figuring out your college and career goals, but you will have access to the insights and expectations of the world's leading art and design faculty. Learn how to create college-level work and build your portfolio to make you a stronger, more focused candidate for art and design school.

Successful students earn three college elective credits. 


At the end of the PreCollege program, family and friends will be invited to attend a student exhibition and ceremony to recognize participants for their academic and leadership accomplishments.  $5,000 scholarships towards Ringling College tuition are awarded to four top students for academic achievement and two are awarded by the Office of Student Life for student leadership.


Mornings: Fundamentals
PreCollege weekday mornings begin with required studio courses focusing on the fundamentals. You’ll be introduced to Ringling’s foundational courses: Drawing, Life Study, 2D: Color and Digital Processes, 3D Design, and 4D: Art in Motion. These courses develop the skills necessary for a higher education in the visual arts and are based on Ringling’s first-year program. Guided by Ringling College faculty who are leaders in their fields, you’ll explore dynamic projects that open doors to new ideas and broaden your artistic vision. Expect to experiment, take risks and make mistakes. These mistakes, and the lessons they carry, will build your knowledge of materials and technique, and strengthen your ability to think critically when presented with visual problems.

Afternoons: Immersions
In the afternoon, you’ll apply the skills and concepts introduced in the fundamental studio courses to intensive PreCollege immersions. These classes allow you to explore the Ringling majors in depth. Immersions meet twice weekly and after a short break conclude with directed open studio time. Look under 'Learn' in the main navigation to find more information on our majors.

You may choose to take Immersions within one discipline, or experiment with multiple majors for exposure to varied approaches and mediums. Immersions give you a chance to “try on” focused areas of study in the media arts, design arts, studio arts, and business of art, and give you a taste of a Ringling College major. You’ll develop your artistic voice, and build your observational, technical and analytical skills. During the process, you’ll ask yourself, “Is this really right for me?” Your experience will confirm you’re on the right track, or may lead you to look further.

That leaves Wednesday afternoons, which are reserved for co-curricular activities such as museum trips or discussions about the different majors offered at Ringling College, as well as a broad menu of optional mini-workshops that offer you additional exposure to new methods, skills and techniques.

Weekends will provide you with some down time and fun activities, but they will also mean plenty of open studio time to work on assignments in your Immersions and even some mini-workshops. You’ll also have an opportunity participate in an elective Community Service project.

Yes. PreCollege is a full-time residential program and students are expected to remain on campus seven days a week throughout the program.

During PreCollege Perspective, students live with an assigned roommate of the same sex in modern air-conditioned residence halls within walking distance of all academic buildings and campus resources. The campus is compact—it takes about 10 minutes to get from here to there. The residence halls are secured with electronic key access to the building, and we have 24-hour on-campus security. Ringling College’s Residence Life staff and trained resident assistants provide supervision and guidance during your stay and can introduce you to the campus and answer any questions you might have about the college or Sarasota. 

Our Office of Student Life organizes fun evening and weekend activities to give you time to socialize, create memories, and forge lasting friendships. Outings to galleries, shops, and beaches, as well as entertainment activities and a community service project, all offer an authentic sample of the college experience. A fully equipped fitness center, basketball court, and soccer games help you relax after time in the studio. 



For 2016, the program costs $5,870, which includes an application fee, program deposit, tuition, room and board, and all art supplies. There is also a refundable damage/residency deposit of $275. 

Need-Based Scholarships
Through Ringling College, we are able to provide a limited number of need-based scholarships. The award amounts vary, but we do not award grants that would cover all of the program fees. Complete applications for aid must be received by February 19, 2016. Notifications of awards are made in March. We encourage students and their families to seek alternative sources for scholarships as well, including your local community foundations, arts councils or museums, and other philanthropic organizations.

Application Form

High school students from across the United States and abroad attend PreCollege each summer. Students must be between 16 and 18 years of age (must be 16 by June 26, 2016) and currently enrolled in 10th through 12th grades. If you are graduating in 2016, you ARE eligible, so get a jump start on your career! Each year, students come from about 30-35 states in the USA, and approximately 10% of attendees are international students.
We follow a rolling admissions calendar, but we still have space and welcome your application for this coming summer. Many immersions in the majors do fill quickly, so we do encourage early applications; but there are many opportunities available well into the spring that will challenge you, excite you, and help you build critical art and design skills. 
Ringling College is able to provide limited need-based scholarships. Complete applications for aid must be received by February 19, 2016. Notifications of awards are made in March. We encourage students and their families to seek alternative sources for scholarships as well, including your local community foundations, arts councils or museums, and other philanthropic organizations. 

Application Form

Successful students can click here to request a transcript.

For Accepted Students
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For Accepted Students

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