Film - Portfolio Requirements

Filmmaking is an amalgam of all the arts – the visual arts, as well as the performing arts, music, literature and writing. As a result, portfolio requirements for Film students are significantly different than they are for other majors here at Ringling.

We welcome samples of your drawing and/or photography, of course, and certainly any kind of film work you’ve done. But don’t worry if you can’t draw or you’ve never made a movie, or even used a camera before. We are also interested in any kind writing you might have done - be it a screenplay, stage play, short story, essay, poetry or article. 

If you’ve done theater, been a dancer, or play music, we’re interested in those things too. Just send us a resume of the theater work you’ve done, or send us a recording of the music you’ve made, or orchestra, band or dance programs with whom you’ve participated. 

We know that filmmakers come from all areas of the arts, and so we’re ready to see pretty much anything you feel best represents who you are in your portfolio. Ultimately, it’s all about passion and ideas, and so if you include the kinds of things that you’re most excited about, that you’re most proud of, then chances are your portfolio submission will make a strong impression. 

So have fun and good luck!