Visualizing captivating stories.

Our nationally-ranked Film degree at Ringling College gets you industry-ready. Boldly tell your story through narrative or choose our new branded entertainment track. Learn to write, produce, direct, edit, and so much more.

Eric Wang ’20


Go from Film major to filmmaker in this BFA Program.

Be the next generation of great filmmakers, content creators, and visual storytellers at Ringling College’s Film school. Immerse yourself in all aspects of the industry including cinematography, production design, editing, sound design, screenwriting, post-production, directing, and producing all on our 8,400 sq. ft. soundstage. Students can focus on narrative film or branded entertainment – you choose! In our Film major program, you can create 3-5 films your first year, work with industry leaders on our professional sound stage, and connect with alumni who have gone on to work for Netflix, Disney, Comedy Central, MTV, NBC, and ABC to name a few.

A student Editing Film Digitally

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The Narrative emphasis teaches students that story leads the process and dictates the visual evolution of a film. Students will learn all the elements of the film production process and components of successful film endeavors, including the ability to demonstrate effective and compelling screenwriting, cinematography, directing, editing, production design and producing.

Branded Entertainment

The Branded Entertainment emphasis teaches students to create dynamic film and video content with a highly branded quality that cuts through the clutter, taps into consumers’ passion points and engages them through entertainment. Students will be prepared to work in creative fields that demand knowledge of storytelling, branding, strategic thinking, concept development, script writing, content development, film and video production.

The Carl Foreman Award

Ringling College is home to the prestigious Carl Foreman Award — which follows a legacy of honoring emerging filmmakers for over 40 years. Learn more about this monetary award, its history, and the prolific screenwriter, director, and producer who inspired generations of talented filmmakers on the cusp of their creative careers.

Ringling College Studio Labs

Fully Equipped Soundstage
and Post-Production Facility

At Ringling College, our hands-on, industry-ready BFA program gives students access to state-of-the-art equipment and resources.

Students have access to everything they need to bring their vision to life:

  • 10,000 square feet of acoustically-isolated soundstages
  • Editing Suites
  • Recording Studio
  • Foley Stage
  • Color Correction Suite
  • Dubbing Stages
Soundstage 1

Full Scale Soundstage

Students are equipped with over 10,000 square feet of acoustically-isolated soundstage spaces to bring their vision to life.

A camera

State-of-the-Art Industry Equipment

Our Film department utilizes industry standard camera and lighting equipment which students use in their own productions.

Professional Post-Production Facilities

The post-production facility features editing suites, a recording studio, Foley stage, color correction suite, and two state-of-the-art dubbing stages. All equipment is up-to-date industry standard technology featuring some of the most used software in the professional world.

The Ringling College Studio Labs offer a groundbreaking initiative with a two-fold outcome: students are introduced to the film industry with a hands-on, interactive learning approach; and industry professionals who utilize these facilities have the option to add talented, hardworking students to their crew. This program connects aspiring film and production students to the best known filmmakers, screenwriters, producers, directors, and actors from around the world. Win, win.

Studio Labs films include: 

Code Red

Written and directed by Ringling College alumna Jada Poon ’20

Playing Through

Award-winning feature film by screenwriter Curtis Jordan

Killroy Was Here

Directed by Kevin Smith (in collaboration with SEMKHOR Networks)

Acting: The First Six Lessons

Featuring Beau and Emily Bridges, directed by Emily Bridges (in collaboration with SEMKHOR Networks)

The Real Stephen Blatt

TV mini-series by Justin Long (in collaboration with SEMKHOR Networks)

Dark Night

Written and directed by Tim Sutton (in collaboration with SEMKHOR Networks)

Student Work




The Gray Man

State of Iowa

Social Etiquette


Ilustres Pecadores

Let Me Go

Casa De Casas




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Opportunities for students

Alumni Contributions

Our graduates contributed to major projects with these companies, to name just a few.

A collection of logos including: ABC, NBC, TBS, Disney, Netflix, AFI, Hasbro, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, The Oscars