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Boldly manage creative projects.
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Business of art and design professionals are the connectors —serving at the intersection of art, design, business, and the people needed to bring a creative vision to life. They work behind the scenes in film, animation, theatre, marketing and advertising, and across many industries to ensure the success of creative projects.  

As a Ringling College Business student, you will master traditional business skills while also being immersed in studio courses that will allow you to explore and understand a variety of mediums. The hybrid curriculum includes a number of interdisciplinary course offerings and open elective slots help you tailor your academic experience to your interests and your future. 

You will gain real project experience working with students across disciplines and have the opportunity to assume a number of roles, such as producer, production coordinator, account manager, project manager, team leader, and entrepreneur. 

Our graduates have a special advantage in the job market because they understand how creative organizations, projects, and start-ups operate. They recognize and appreciate strategic business objectives, can effectively communicate with diverse teams, and are trusted in client-facing roles. 

The business of art and design is not just about creative businesses; it’s about making all businesses creative.


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Awards & Accolades

Student Work

Our Business of Art and Design graduates land creative careers all over the world in multinational corporations, nonprofits, startups, and more!

Turning Passion Into Profession


Where are they now?

Our graduates waste no time. Check out some of the amazing places our alumni have landed!

Sarah Kambara '14

Production Coordinator

“This program offers many opportunities to discover and advance your career. And it’s different from other business schools—you learn the hard skills and become business minded, but you learn in way that is molded toward the creative mind.”

Sarah transferred to the Business of Art and Design program to work with artists. Here, she fell in love with animation, and her internship and thesis experience only deepened her desire to work in the industry.  Knowing that creative giants such as Walt Disney Animation Studios also need business-minded managers, she applied for a position and was accepted. Now with Pixar, Sarah is excited to take her career to the next level.

Keith Nielsen '15

Creative Freelancer
Film & TV

“More and more I see the need for business thinkers in the creative world. We serve as connectors because we know the creative language and workflow, as well as what is needed to run a department.”

Since graduating in 2015, Keith has worked in the costume department on two seasons of Mozart in the Jungle and costume designed actor Justin Long’s web series. The Business of Art and Design program taught him how to work as a creative thinker and manager, concepting ideas, presenting them, and supporting them with research and analysis.

These valuable skills empower Keith to work in many different creative fields—which he continues to do as a Creative Freelancer.

Wendy Oliva '15

Marketing Coordinator
Juki America, Inc.

“The Business of Art and Design program taught me how the worlds of business and design create symphony. Now everything is coming together—my passion for sewing, my shop on Etsy, and my marketing experience and education.”

Wendy has run an Etsy shop since 2010, even dedicating her senior thesis project to building a business plan for her hand-sewn craft business. At Ringling, Wendy used her business and design acumen to successfully brand and build her company, which led her into the field of marketing and opened up the door to a dream job offer—working with international sewing giant, Juki America, Inc.


Devin Lee Ostertag ’12
David Houle & Associates | Dir. of Communications

Taylor Reed ’12
SteelHouse | Account Manager

Sadie Stetson ‘12
University of South Florida | Faculty Operations and Branding

Aseel Kreishan ‘13
Panasonic | Marketing Specialist

Agneta Ramoskaite ‘13
Feld Entertainment | Tour Coordinator

Lisa Szaraz ‘13
The Zebra | Office and Culture Manager

Andrew Angstadt ’14
Pyper Young | Account Coordinator

Sarah Kambara ‘14
JibJab Bros. Studios | Production Coordinator

Alexandra Tibbe ‘14
Freelance Film Production | Art Department, Prop, and Art Director Assistant

Wendy Oliva ‘15

Juki America | Marketing Coordinator

Keith Nielsen ‘15
Freelance | Costume Professional

Ayu Saraswati ’14
ShopperTrak | Jr Production Manager

Siouxsie Connor ’13
Sun Hydraulics | Graphic Arts Marketing



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Opportunities for Business of Art and Design students

Creativity at Work Speaker Series
Business of Art and Design has invited high-level executives and creative professionals from top companies and nonprofit organizations to visit Ringling College and lead interactive presentations and discussions for Business of Art and Design students and students from all of the majors on campus. These professionals share their work experiences and current projects, as well as give advice and information about their industries. In addition, many of the Visiting Creative Leaders work hands-on with students on various projects. Past speakers include leaders from Disney, Cirque de Soleil, MTV, DreamWorks, and many more.
Work with our Career Services Center to prepare and guide you to finding an internship focused on your area of interest – we are here to help!  With networks around the region and the country, we help you gain exposure to professional best practices and practical application of your technical skills. We are constantly connecting with industry professionals to find new, exciting opportunities to put your skills to work and get a taste of real-world work demands. 

ART Network
Join our official campus television network and learn to interview, shoot, produce, and broadcast meaningful content taking place on our campus and in our community. Support the arts community, spreading the word about both local talent and international artists and designers while gaining hands-on experience in TV production.
The Collaboratory
We are proud to say that every Ringling student, regardless of major, is guaranteed the opportunity to gain professional work experience. Our Collaboratory Commitment pairs teams of Ringling students with local businesses to give students a taste of real-world projects, expectations, and deadlines. Facilitated by Collaboratory staff, students will meet with clients looking for creative, unconventional solutions to their branding and design challenges and execute the entire creative process of concepting, presenting, and building campaigns that meet their demands.

Studio Lab
The Ringling College Digital Filmmaking Studio Lab program connects aspiring film and production students to the best known filmmakers, screenwriters, producers, directors, and actors from around the world. Collaborate with, listen to, and engage with the leading filmmakers in the industry who are coming to Ringling College





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