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Game Art 
Build new worlds with a BFA in Game Art.

The Game Art major brings Ringling College’s feature film aesthetic to games, and is focused on providing students with the professional artistic skills necessary to create compelling and believable interactive experiences. As a Game Art major, you will study the basics of game design-mechanics, meaningful play, interactivity, and options for creating and refining game content. Using an understanding of these concepts, as well as the technical aspects of 3D animation software and game engines, you will create texture-rich, visually-sophisticated gaming environments that tell stories, educate, inform, and entertain.

Our program enjoys an incredibly high professional placement rate, and we have one of the few programs out there that focuses on visual art for computer games. The Game Art major is all about designing, creating, and analyzing the visual components of games in a highly-collaborative teaching environment that merges the aesthetic of feature film with today’s most current technology. We focus on developing visual artists that are marketable in the computer gaming industry as well as other areas that use real-time visualization.

2020 Accepted Student Day

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Game Art: 2018/2019 Visiting Artists

Lucas Hardi photo visiting artist for Game Art

Lucas Hardi

Bethesda Games, Senior Artist

cliff schonewill photo visiting artist for Game Art

Cliff Schonewill

SCEA Santa Monica, Senior Artist

paola paulino photo visiting artist for Game Art

Paola Paulina

Shenzhen, President and Founder


Game Art: Awards and Rankings


#3 for game development in the world by the rookies for Game Art

winner of the E 3 college game competition for Game Art

#3 game design school in the south by animation career review for Game Art




Where are they now?

Game Art alumni are pushing the industry to new heights.



Cassidy Aquilino-Berg 14
Harebrained Schemes | Environment Artist  

Clayton Chod ’14
Ultrabit | Concept Artist/ 3D Generalist  

Spencer Curtis ’14
Harebrained Schemes | Environment Artist  

Aryo Jati Darmawan ’14
Freelance | VFX Artist  

Ignacio Guajardo ’14
Epic Games | Environment Artist 

Moonsoo Park ’14
Blizzard Entertainment | 3D Artist  

Samantha Sexe ’14
S2 Games | Technical Artist  

Shannon Berke ’13
Riot Games | FX Artist  

Max Golosiy ’13
Naughty Dog | Texture Artist  

Christopher Lewis ’13
Evertoon | Founding Engineer  

Esther Love ’13
Monarc Gaming Labs | 3D Artist  

Connor McCampbell ’13
343 Industries | Environment Artist  

Shawn Parkhurst ’13
Three Rings Design | Artist  

Mike Poe ’13
Bungie | Lead Lighting Artist  

Noah Ortega 12
BioLucid | FX Artist/3D Generalist  

Cody Bellimer 11
Epic Games | Animator  

Matthew Bischoff 11
343 Industries | Software Test Engineer 2  

Christian Davis 11
Hi-Rez Studios | Environmental Artist  

Tyler Good 11
Volition | Technical Artist  

Matthew Heyman 11
Blizzard Entertainment | 3D Artist  

Peter Richmond 11
Gunfire Games | Environmental Artist  




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Turning Passion Into Profession



Opportunities for Game Art students

The Collaboratory
We are proud to say that every Ringling student, regardless of major, is guaranteed the opportunity to gain professional work experience. Our Collaboratory Commitment pairs teams of Ringling students with local businesses to give students a taste of real-world projects, expectations, and deadlines. Facilitated by Collaboratory staff, students will meet with clients looking for creative, unconventional solutions to their branding and design challenges and execute the entire creative process of concepting, presenting, and building campaigns that meet their demands.

Work with our Career Services Center to prepare and guide you to finding an internship focused on your area of interest – we are here to help!  With networks around the region and the country, we help you gain exposure to professional best practices and practical application of your technical skills. We are constantly connecting with industry professionals to find new, exciting opportunities to put your skills to work and get a taste of real-world work demands. 

Critiques with Industry Giants
To further inform the work of our fourth year students, we bring in renowned, successful visiting artists to participate in milestone critiques. Coming from the top studios, brands, and businesses in the industry, our artists offer a relevant, real-world perspective to bring student thinking out of the classroom into the professional arena. This process provides our students with invaluable feedback from the best of the best in the field, which they can immediately apply to their current works in process.



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