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For 85 years, we have been cultivating the creative spirit in students from around the globe through our studio model of teaching – or learning by making. You will create work with a purpose and explore the creative process through studio projects. As a freshman, you will jump right into your major, working in professional studios and undergoing a comprehensive liberal arts program designed specifically to inspire and inform studio work. You can choose from eleven BFA programs, two BA programs, and several minors and off-campus programs to complement and amplify your work. As a student at Ringling, you'll receive the highest quality art and design education, work with the most cutting-edge technology and tools, and collaborate with the biggest names in the arts industries. 



An Overview of Our Majors

Want an quick idea of what each major is about? Take a look - and click through for more details.


Get the tools, training, and experience you need to start your creative business, manage a range of creative projects, and collaborate with diverse teams across industries. Our Business of Art and Design major is all about:

Management in Creative Industries
Producing and Production Management
Marketing and Communications
Event Planning
Studio or Gallery Administration
Creative Project Management
Leading and Collaborating Across Disciples

Learn more about Business of Art & Design

Dream up new characters, stories, and worlds and bring them life! Our Computer Animation major is all about:

3D modeling
concept art 
visual development
character design
feature films

Learn more about Computer Animation

Craft narratives for any media that lure in your audience, provoke questions, and inspire dialogue! Our Creative Writing major is all about:

building worlds
creating characters
literary history
writing across disciplines
critical thinking

Learn more about Creative Writing


Take your narratives to the big screen as you discover the ins and outs of filmmaking. Our Film major is all about:

team projects
industry grade equipment

Learn more about Film


Discover your unique artistic voice and share that voice through our myriad studio arts programs. Our Fine Arts major is all about:

pushing boundaries
critical thinking
independent practice
new media

Learn more about Fine Arts


Get ready to bring new characters and worlds to life! Our Game Art major is all about:

building new worlds
concept art
character design
3D modeling
virtual reality
game development
level design
creating interactive experiences

Learn more about Game Art


Design compelling, creative solutions in print, motion, and interactive media. Our Graphic Design major is all about:

logo & branding design
typography & lettering design
responsive website & app design
user interface and user experience (UI/UX) design
magazine, book & epub design
packaging & exhibition design

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Share rich, visual stories using traditional Illustration techniques as well as new digital media. Our Illustration major is all about:

conceptual thinking
broad use of media
character design
visual communications
building new worlds
bringing images to life


Breathe new life into old spaces or envision new interiors of your own! Our Interior Design major is all about

energizing spaces
creating unique experiences
people-centric design
3D modeling
exploring textiles & materials
light design
innovative building materials
sustainable design

Learn more about Interior Design


Apply design theory, sound design, and 2D animation concepts to create engaging, moving graphics. Our Motion Design major is all about:

2D & 3D animation 
stop motion
storyboards & style frames
graphic design
visual effects
audio & video production

Learn more about Motion Design

Capture and manipulate images that inspire! Our Photography & Imaging major is all about:

digital and analog photography
learning to see light
visual storytelling
moving images

Learn more about Photography & Imaging

Build a curriculum tailored to your specific creative interests with this self-directed, boundary-pushing new major! Our Visual Studies major is all about:

crossing disciplines
analyzing art and design
artistic discernment
communicating about the arts

Learn more about Visual Studies

Create stories and user experiences for VR. Our Virtual Reality Development major is all about:

multiple perspectives
visual scripting
immersive experiences
unexplored technology
viewer control
concept development
building environments
emergent narrative
simulation training
advancing global causes

Learn more about Virtual Reality Development

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