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Motion Design 
Make your move in this BFA program.

MOTION DESIGN – Design in Motion for Any Screen. Motion Design is cross-disciplinary at its core; created by the convergence of animation, graphic design, advertising, and filmmaking. More than a motion graphics degree or a broadcast graphics degree, with a Ringling Motion Design degree you will do it all: imagine, design, shoot, animate, and experience. You will learn how to craft powerful animated visual communications for any type of screen, integrating various image-making technologies and media including 2D and 3D animation, stop-motion, concept development, videography, visual effects, and sound design.


2020 Accepted Student Day

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Motion Design: Awards & Accolades 


#3 for 3d motion graphics in the world


The 2019 Best Motion Graphics Schools in the World ranking is based on the quality and performance of student portfolios submitted to the Rookie Awards 2019 and reviewed by industry experts in Motion Graphics.

grand prize winners of adobe design achievement

Two Motion Design students were awarded the Grand Prize Adobe Design Achievement Award for Editing and Post Production. 

d&ad new blood wood pencil winner

Motion Design senior, Doug Alberts, wins Autodesk's prestigious Rookie of the Year Award 2019 - 3D Motion Graphics






Motion Design: Where are they now?

Motion Design is everywhere - and so are our graduates.

Audrey Aquino 15  Freelance | Motion Graphics Artist  

Jason Beale 15  Apple | Motion Graphic Designer  

Sarah Johnson 15  Freelance | Designer/Animator 

Marisabel Fernandez 14  Tendril | Designer & Animator  

Nicole Gutzmann 14  Digital Domain | Jr. Motion Graphic Designer  

James Heredia 14  Weiden+Kennedy | Motion Designer + Prototyping Creative  

Yahira Hernandez 14  Showtime Networks | Jr. Broadcast Designer  

Marysol Stepanof 14  Jib Jab | Graphic Production Artist  

Andrew Schoneweis 13  Freelance | Designer/Animator  

Mauroof Ahmed 13  LinkedIn | User Experience Designer  



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From Classmates to Colleagues



Opportunities for Motion Design students

ART Network
Join our official campus television network and learn to interview, shoot, produce, and broadcast meaningful content taking place on our campus and in our community. Support the arts community, spreading the word about both local talent and international artists and designers while gaining hands-on experience in TV production.
Studio Lab
The Ringling College Digital Filmmaking Studio Lab program connects aspiring film and production students to the best known filmmakers, screenwriters, producers, directors, and actors from around the world. Collaborate with, listen to, and engage with the leading filmmakers in the industry who are coming to Ringling College to share their insights and meet emerging talent right here in Sarasota.

Industry Guest Speakers
The Motion Design industry changes rapidly, so it's integral that students know what is happening with trends and practices in the field. That's why we bring industry leaders and professionals into the classroom to share their knowledge and experience. Guests have included animator Ryan Woodward, Stash’s Stephen Price, David Lewandowski, and the industry professional organization, PromaxBDA. Studios also visit to share their work and to talk to students about their creative process as well as future employment opportunities. Visiting studios include: Loyal Kaspar; We Are Royal; SpaceJunk; Psyop; Jib Jab; Eyeball NYC.


The Collaboratory
We are proud to say that every Ringling student, regardless of major, is guaranteed the opportunity to gain professional work experience. Our Collaboratory Commitment pairs teams of Ringling students with local businesses to give students a taste of real-world projects, expectations, and deadlines. Facilitated by Collaboratory staff, students will meet with clients looking for creative, unconventional solutions to their branding and design challenges and execute the entire creative process of concepting, presenting, and building campaigns that meet their demands.

Work with our Career Services Center to prepare and guide you to finding an internship focused on your area of interest – we are here to help!  With networks around the region and the country, we help you gain exposure to professional best practices and practical application of your technical skills. We are constantly connecting with industry professionals to find new, exciting opportunities to put your skills to work and get a taste of real-world work demands. 




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