Accepted Students

What to do next.

Welcome! You've been invited to join our eclectic, industrious group of artists and designers.
But you're not done yet - if you plan to attend, you must complete the steps and forms below.


Self-Service is the system used to create your Ringling College online account. It can be accessed via the Ringling portal at The “New Account” link will provide the information required to create your new account. Sign-In to view for Schedule and Transfer Credits (if applicable) after August 1, 2018.


Hold your spot! To confirm you will attend in the Fall, you must submit your $500 confirmation fee.

This step is critical to confirming you will attend.

Once we receive your payment, we will notify you to fill out your paperwork and request on-campus housing. We guarantee housing to all new students who request it by May 1 for the following fall semester. Please note that the confirmation fee is nonrefundable for the Computer Animation major. For all other majors, it is nonrefundable after May 1.

How to submit payment: 
Online: Payments may be made through the online secure payment portal, accessible through your Self-Service account. All major credit cards and electronic checks accepted.

Mail: Payment may be made by checks payable to Ringling College of Art and Design and mailed to: 

Ringling College of Art and Design
Attn: Office of Admissions
2700 North Tamiami Trail
Sarasota FL  34234


Get your high school diploma or GED
If you are still enrolled in high school or home-schooled, you must obtain your diploma or GED.


Maintain that GPA
Acceptance doesn’t mean your studies are over – whether you are in high school, home-school, or another college/university, you must maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher to enroll. 


Greetings New Students and Families!

Please review the following checklist items and forms to prepare for New Student Orientation.


Let's start with basic info...

New Student Housing Contract

In order to request housing, you must have completed enrollment by setting up your student account and submitting the confirmation fee.

To request housing:

1. Check out first-year residence halls!

We offer several living arrangements for first-year students, and we encourage you to explore your options. We offer few singles for first-year students, but these are available on a first-come, first-served and as-needed basis. However, our doubles and triples offer ample room to spread out and make your space your own. 

Goldstein Hall: Our newest resident hall, first years in Goldstein will enjoy large double bedrooms that share a bathroom with one adjoining room. This building is also a hub of activity and houses Residence Life, the Mailroom, The Fishbowl lounge area, and numerous large-scale project rooms.

Appleton, Harmon, & Idelson: These rooms are among the largest on campus and located near the Hammond Commons dining hall. These rooms share a hall bathroom/shower facility.

Learn more about first-year housing. 

2. Complete the online housing contract


Submit Health Form Packet

New students are required to show proof of certain immunizations prior to registering for classes at Ringling College through the Ringling College Health Form Portal, due no later than July 20th. For more information and to obtain a copy of the form, visit or call 941-893-2855. Health Form Packets will need to be submitted via our online portal at

Insurance Waiver OR Enrollment Form

Everyone must Enroll or Submit Insurance Waiver Information: All degree-seeking students at Ringling College are required to be covered by a health insurance plan—either ours or their own—that meets certain guidelines. All students are pre-billed and must confirm enrollment or submit a waiver by September 14, 2018.

If you have ACA-compliant insurance already, you are still required to actively waive the Ringling College group plan to avoid auto-enrollment (and billing). To submit a waiver, confirm enrollment, or find out more information, visit

For insurance questions, you may contact our broker, University Health Plans, directly by calling 1-800-437-6448 or


Online New Student Orientation

This is a pre-requisite to attend fall classes and mandatory. You will receive an email to your Ringling College account ( in July directing you how to log on to this online orientation. If you do not receive an email to your Ringling College account (, please contact for assistance. 

International Students

If you are an international student, please visit our International Students page for information about the required paperwork for Visa and Financial Certification Forms.

Materials for Orientation

Orientation at Ringling College is mandatory for new students. Please make the necessary preparations to be present and prepared for the activities provided by taking the steps below.

Guidebook App
The Orientation schedule will be available through an App called Guidebook. Download the App now, and check back in August for more details! 

Activity Waivers
In order to participate in Orientation functions, please complete the following waivers. Only original signature copies will be accepted. Original hard copies can be turned in during New Student Processing on August 17 to the Activities/Leadership table and Recreation and Wellness table and/or mailed to Office of Student Life Attn: Jekeyma Robinson 2700 N Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL 34234.

Please, check back to access the waivers below:

  • NSO Waiver 
  • NSO Waiver for Minors 
  • Fitness Center Waiver 

Student Processing Day Map 
Available in August during Orientation.


Final paperwork in August...

After August 1, please make sure you take the final steps to complete enrollment and prepare you for classes.

1.  Sign Handbook and Catalog Form

2017/2018 Handbooks

Student Handbook / Catalog Acknowledgment Form

2.  Ringling College Vehicle Parking & Bicycle Permit Form 
Available during Thursday, August 17th New Student Orientation Processing or Online from the Office of Public Safety.

3.  Electronic Communication Form
Read, review, and sign the Responsible Use of Electronic Communication Form and bring with you on Thursday, August 17th during your processing time to the IT Department station.

4.  Residential Life Information: (Roommate information available after August 1 on Self-Service for Fall Semester Admits) Check regularly for any changes. If you need to speak with Residence Life directly, please email

5.  Residence Life Housing Contract: Please contact with questions/concerns. Direct Link to Online Contract Form: 

6.  Review Meal Plan Information: For clarification or more information, email Food Service at

7.  Review Schedule and Transfer Credits (if applicable)
Sign-In to Self-Service to view Schedule and Transfer Credits (if applicable) after August 1.

8.  Review Academic Calendar
Want to know when mid-terms begin? Winter Break dates? Please, review the Academic Calendar.

9.  Connect with Career Services
Activate your student account with Career Services:

10.  Sign up for Community Service

When students arrive on campus for New Student Orientation each fall, they experience a variety of educational and social activities designed to help them successfully transition to Ringling College of Art and Design, and to become actively involved in the Sarasota community.

The Student Volunteerism and Service-Learning staff strive to develop and broaden these types of learning opportunities to help students enhance their leadership skills, build friendships, and facilitate teamwork. As part of the Orientation experience, students participate in a self-selected community service project.

Please, check back in July for details!   

 ****You must log in with your Ringling College user i.d. and password. ****

Remember to bring closed-toe shoes, protection from the sun (hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen) and bugs, wear light-weight long pants and work clothes that you do not mind getting dirty! 

Looking forward to serving our community with you,

Rachel Levey-Baker, Director of Student Volunteerism and Service-Learning;
Susan Saulnier, Coordinator of Student Volunteerism and Service-Learning; and
Kaitlyn Priestley, Assistant Coordinator of Student Volunteerism and Service-Learning and AmeriCorps*VISTA

For questions, contact:



First-year students at Ringling College are required to purchase a specific set of art supplies. To meet the distinct needs of our programs, the Ringling College Art Supply Store will offer pre-assembled first year basic supply kits.

2018-2019 Supply Kit Order Form

You may direct questions to the Ringling College Art Supply Store:

Mack Whatley 
Ringling College Art Supply Store Manager 
Ringling College Art Supply Store 
2700 N. Tamiami Trail 
Sarasota, FL 34234-5895
Fax:  941.359.7608 


Mail Services

To ensure prompt delivery of mail/parcels; all new students need to address their mail as such:


During Orientation, you will receive a mailbox number (NOT PO Box) which will replace the “New Student” heading within the address. Keep in mind that a Ringling College ID is required upon redemption of all package pick-ups. Incoming students can start sending items such as bedding and dorm accessories beginning July 1st of the enrollment year.

Thank you,
Ringling College Mail Services


Student ID Processing

We wanted to give you the opportunity to speed up your processing time during New Student Orientation, by submitting a photo for your Student ID before your arrival.  Your Student ID is very important and must be carried at all times while on campus and will be used for residence hall access, renting from the library and meal plans.  

Photos must be submitted via email by July 25th.  Files must be saved in .JPG format and with your last name, then first name (robinson-jekeyma.jpg).  Please ensure that your picture is in a file size that will send over email.

Send a head and shoulders color photo against a solid background (same as a passport photo) to It is important that the photo is taken against a plain background/wall. We will not accept photos that have objects in the background. Please use ample lighting, and do not add photo effects. Hats and sunglasses should not be worn in the photo.




Moving in!

Let us help you best prepare for life on campus. Look at the info below to see what we provide for you and what we recommend you bring along. 


What we provide

Standard in all Residence Halls:

  • Chair
  • Closet
  • Drawing table or desk
  • Extra-long, twin-sized bed
  • Small dresser
  • Ethernet/Wifi Access
  • A/C
  • Laundry facilities

While you may rearrange the furniture to your liking, you may not remove any furniture items from the room due to storage limitations. So please do not plan to bring your own bed or other large furniture. 

Must Haves

  • Alarm clock
  • Bath towels
  • Blankets
  • Laundry bag or basket and detergent
  • Long, twin-size sheets
  • Mattress pad
  • Pillow
  • Suntan lotion
  • Toiletries
  • Shower caddy
  • Two nice outfits for the opening of exhibitions, dinners and other special occasions
  • Wastebasket
  • Hangers
  • Umbrella
  • Power strip
  • Extension cord
  • First aid supplies
  • Cleaning supplies


  • Clamp lamps for drawing table
  • Headphones and phone dock
  • Throw rug
  • Fan
  • TV
  • Nice comforter
  • Bulletin board
  • Small microwave (600 watts or less)

We always recommend reaching out to your roommate-to-be to coordinate large items and avoid doubling up.


Dressing for the sub-tropics
The Fall Semester here in Sarasota, Florida is usually quite warm, with temperatures reaching the mid-to-upper 80s. Generally, shorts and t-shirts or lightweight shirts are worn on campus during the day. Shoes are required outside of Residence Halls. During the Spring Semester temperatures can dip down into the low 40s so a mid-weight coat is a good idea.


All electrical devices used in your room must be UL (Underwriters Laboratories) approved, which includes nearly all commercially available items made in the United States, but excludes any homemade electrical devices.

Halogen lamps must be the newer models with covers or must be retrofitted with an approved cover. 
We also discourage the use of "tulip" style, multi-light lamps that can heat up due to the number of lightbulbs.


Cooking Appliances
Small refrigerators (under 4.4 cubic feet) are popular on campus as a convenient means to store soft drinks, cheese, and other snack foods. Please limit refrigerators to this size or smaller. You may have a hot-air popcorn popper, coffeepot and/or a microwave in your room.  Other cooking appliances are prohibited due to fire regulations. 


For the sake of roommates and neighbors, music lovers should invest in a good pair of headphones.  Drums and/or any amplified instruments are not allowed due to their inherently disruptive noise level when used


Pets are prohibited on campus and in Residence Halls. Allergic reactions of other residents, hygiene problems, and city ordinances make this a necessity. This includes dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and any other animal you may be raising or keeping at home, with the exception of fish contained in a 10 gallon or less aquarium.


Decorating Your Room
Painting, wallpapering and drilling in walls is not permitted.  We have found products similar to "Plasti-tak" to be effective for the hanging of posters, pictures, artwork or other accessories. 


Shipping & Storage
You can ship possessions to campus just prior to your arrival for New Student Orientation. Your items should be addressed and sent to yourself at the mailing address provided with your Fall assignment information.  All packages will be held at the Mailroom, located in the lobby of North Hall. The College assumes no responsibility for the condition in which the packages arrive. 


Cars and Motorcycles
Ringling College has no restrictions on students bringing cars or motorcycles to campus. Vehicles must be registered during Orientation Week, which will provide you a student parking permit. You are asked to respect the few parking regulations on-campus. To register your vehicle at a time other than during Orientation, contact the Office of Public Safety at 941.351.4742 or send an email to the Director of Public Safety, Richard Tubbs, at


A bicycle is an ideal way to get around Sarasota’s flat terrain. Ringling College provides bike racks to accommodate all lock-up needs, or you may park your bike in your room. Bikes may not be parked in Residence Hall stairways, hallways, restrooms, or inside any other building on campus. If you park your bike outside, keep a u-lock type lock on each tire. All bicycles also require a permit and can be registered during Orientation or at any other time after.


We all have to eat, and Ringling students have their choice of three on-campus dining locations and three meal plan options to fit distinct student appetites and diets.

Dining Locations

Hammond Commons: our all-you-can-eat dining hall where you can meet up with friends and sit down together for a meal.
Brickman Café: conveniently parked in the Academic Center for a quick lunch or a Starbucks coffee.
Outtakes Quick Cuisine: centrally located to get a bite on the way to class or to lounge between lectures.

For more information on hours of operation, and offerings at each location, check out this page


Meal Plans

Our three plans are based around the basic19 meal periods available throughout the week: 3 meals a day Monday-Friday, and 2 meals on Saturday and Sunday. The meal plan week goes Sunday through Saturday, refreshing at 12am Sunday morning. 

1. The Ultimate 19 Meal Plan offers a student the opportunity to eat during every meal period throughout the week. It can be used at the Hammond Commons for all three meals and The Brickman Café for lunch and dinner. In addition, you have a Cash Equivalency of $3.50 for any meal, Monday-Friday at the Outtakes Cafe. 

2. The Flex 15 Meal Plan offers a student the opportunity to 15 meals on campus during the week. It can be used at The Hammond Commons for all three meals and The Brickman Café for lunch and dinner. In addition, you have a Cash Equivalency of $3.50 for any meal, Monday-Friday at the Outtakes Store. 

3. The Simply 7 Meal Plan offers a student the opportunity to eat during any 7 meal periods during the week. It can be used at The Hammond Commons for all three meals and The Brickman Café for lunch and dinner.


Meal Plan Requirements

The Ultimate 19 Plan is required for residents of Goldstein, Appleton, Idelson, and Harmon.
Residents of Keating Hall can choose between the Ultimate 19 and the Flex 15.
Residents of the Cove and the Student Center can choose any meal plan.
Meal plans are optional for those in apartment-style housing, as well as for commuters.

Students can add or change their meal plans by emailing us at with their request. 


Special Dietary Needs

Dining Services works hard to ensure that students with any and all dietary needs can be accommodated. We are happy to set up a meeting to discuss how best to meet the needs of students on an individual basis. 

The Office of Dining Services can be reached via phone at (941)-355-8064.


Breaks & Housing

Do the Residence Halls close during breaks?
Some. All Residence Hall rooms without kitchens close during Winter, Spring and Summer Breaks.  The buildings that are designated as Break Housing for first years, however, are Appleton, Idelson, and Harmon. We do offer summer housing options, which requires an additional contract and fees.

Where is Break Housing for First-Year Students?
The buildings that are designated as Break Housing for First-Year students are Appleton, Idelson, and Harmon. Only first-year students that live in these buildings will be able to stay on campus over winter and spring break.  

Do I need to move all my belongings out during the breaks?
No. It is not required for students to move their belongings out of the room during breaks. Students are encouraged to bring home items that they did not utilize during the semester. 

How do I sign up for Summer Housing? 
Ringling students that are interested in Summer Housing should go to Residence Life to fill out a Summer Housing Contract. Assignments will be made prior to Summer break. 

Non-matriculating students that are interested in living on campus should contact Residence Life at


Furniture & Appliances

What furniture is provided in the residence hall rooms?
Every bedroom includes a bed, desk or drawing table, desk chair, wardrobe or closet, and chest of drawers.  Apartment style units with kitchens typically include refrigerators, oven/stove unit, dining table, sofa and an entertainment center.  All Cove rooms come with a micro-fridge, which is a microwave/refrigerator/freezer combination unit.


What size are the mattresses?
The mattresses are XL Twin (36 x 80).  


Can I bring a microwave and refrigerator?
Microwaves less than 600 watts and refrigerators less than 4.0 cubic feet are allowed. Mini-fridges are provided for students that live in the Cove, and our Break Housing Buildings: Appleton, Idelson, and Harmon.


How much storage is there below the beds?
The loftable beds can rise to 3 feet, allowing for 3 feet of storage below them. They do not have to be at this height.  Keating Hall and Bayou Village do not have loftable beds; however, these beds have two drawers at the bottom.


Can I bring my own bed into the room? 
Every bedroom on campus is furnished. We do not typically allow students to bring their own beds. For more information on things to bring/not bring, see the 'Pack Your Bags' tab on this page.


Mail & Mail Services

Can I ship items to Ringling before I arrive?

Yes, you may ship items before you arrive.  The mail room does ask for items not to arrive any earlier than one week before you arrive.  The address to ship to is: 

 *Students Name 
1130 Greensboro Lane 
Sarasota, FL 34234  

You are not required to have a room number or box number at this time.

Who can I contact with my mail needs?

You can email Mail Services at, or call them at (941)-309-4101


Meal Plans & Dining Services

For more information on meal plans, check out the module, "Pick your meal plan".

Is the 19 Meal Plan required for all first year students?
For all first-year students living in a traditional residence hall room without a kitchen, the Ultimate 19 Meal Plan is required.

Where can I learn more about the menus offered on campus? 
You can view the menus at our Dining Services provider's website

How do I change my meal plan?
You can add or change your meal plan by emailing us at with your request. 

Please keep in mind that certain students who live in certain buildings are required to have a meal plan, and should look at the "Meal Plan Requirements" section of our "Pick your meal plan" module above. 


Living Off Campus

We have found that students seeking information for Sarasota off-campus housing have had good results by using commercial property managers, rental agencies and web-based apartment listings. We are available to help in any way you need.

Regardless of your choice to live off campus, please consider checking the crime statistics using online resources such as to search for a specific street address or area for crime related activity over a period of time.

Email us at if there is any way we can be of assistance in your search!


Parking & Vehicles

Are first-year students permitted to bring a car?
Yes, first-year students are permitted to bring a car or bike, as long as they register for a parking pass. Many students get around using bicycles, the public bus system, or by sharing rides with their friends. 

How do I get a Parking Pass?
Visit Public Safety's page to find information on getting a parking pass. 

What if I want to bring my bike?
Students will bring their bikes to campus to use. We encourage students to view Public Safety's Bicycle Policy and Bicycle Registration Form. Completed Bicycle Registration forms can be turned in to Public Safety in Harmon Hall. 

It is also worth noting that students who bring their bikes on campus should purchase a bicycle lock to secure their bike to the racks located around campus. 



Can I bring/get a pet for my room on campus? 
Ringling College does not allow any pets other than fish. The fish tank must be 10 gallons or less. 


Room Assignments/Placement

Are all first-year students placed in Goldstein Hall?
No. First-year students are placed in Goldstein, Appleton, Idelson or Harmon Halls. 

I requested to live without a roommate, will this be granted?
While we try to accommodate all requests, we have a very limited number of single rooms for first-year students.  Assignments are made on a first-come, first-served, basis.  The earlier you return your Housing Contract, the better your chances are having your request met.

Where will transfer students be housed?
If available, transfer students will be housed in upper-class student areas.

When will room assignments be made available for first-year students?
First-year students room assignments are typically made available on August 1st.  Students will be able to view assignments using their self-service account at


Orientation week at Ringling


Orientation Week at Ringling College is mandatory for new students. We have planned a number of information sessions, activities, and events to introduce you to campus life and the Sarasota community. You will get acquainted with the campus and facilities and connected with current students, faculty, and staff. This is also a great opportunity to meet your new classmates!

Sessions include information for new students, transfer students, international students, parents, and families.

New Student Orientation Schedule

2018 Orientation Schedule


Is New Student Orientation required?


I am a commuter/transfer/non-traditional student. Do I need to attend Orientation?
Yes, definitely. This is the time for you to ask questions pertaining to your unique arrangement and meet your fellow students and faculty. Come and find out what services are available to you!


Is there a cost for Orientation?


How much is parking during Orientation?
Parking at Ringling College is free. Fill out a Parking Pass Request Form with Public Safety or on the website and apply the parking sticker to your vehicle.


What will we do during Orientation?
You will attend information sessions, activities, and events designed to familiarize you with campus life and introduce you to your new surroundings. You will meet other new students, as well as current students, faculty, and staff. We will answer your questions connect you to the right people and places to make your transition as seamless as possible.


Will I get my living assignment prior to Orientation?
Check Self-Service (your student login portal) on August 1st for your housing assignment.


How long can my family stay during Orientation?
Families are welcome to participate in Orientation activities all week. 




Request Info