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Find yourself—and your community.

You’ll discover a place where you belong—within a community of creators, storytellers, inventors, second guessers, critical thinkers, and problem solvers.


Experience Ringling College

A Campus for Creatives

To help our students become future creative visionaries, we make sure they have the best technology that mirrors the professional industries.

Who says libraries have to be quiet? Our library of the future, the Alfred R. Goldstein Library, allows students the space to spark creative collaboration and conversation.

New Residence Halls

Designed for the 21st-century student, our Residence Halls cater to the ways our students like to live, create, communicate, and learn. 

Living on Campus

Ringling College is highly residential with over 70% of our students living on campus.
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Housing Overview

With new residence halls, multiple apartment complexes, and over 30 near campus houses, Ringling College offers students a wide array of options for housing. And since over 70% of students choose to live on campus, we strive to make our campus housing convenient, safe, and comfortable. Our amenities include furnished living quarters, three meal plan options, on-call staff, proximity to campus services, classrooms, and studios, all utilities, and 24-hour security. For additional safety, access to each floor of our residence halls is limited to its inhabitants only.


But we go beyond the typical college residence halls. Our housing is designed specifically for creatives, offering plenty of collaboration spaces, large-scale project workrooms, and access to our many student resources.

First Year Housing

First-year students reside in Goldstein and Greensboro Halls, centrally located on campus for convenience and proximity to our facilities.


Goldstein Hall

Goldstein is a state-of-the-art facility built for collaboration. The ground floor offers a student lounge area called The Blue Room, the mailroom, Residence Life offices, and a large multipurpose space for student events. Goldstein rooms are double suites connected by a bathroom to another suite. They typically measure 11x16 ft, and each floor is equipped with project rooms for creating large-scale projects.


Greensboro Hall

Greensboro Hall opened for new, incoming students in the Fall 2020 semester. Rooms in Greensboro Hall are suites with two double rooms (2 students in each room) sharing a common room. The common room contains the bathroom and a refrigerator and microwave to share. Greensboro Hall also has four person suites with private bedrooms on each floor. Just like the suite doubles, the four students in single rooms share a common space, bathroom, refrigerator, and microwave. In addition to lounges on each floor, this building is equipped with a community kitchen.

Second Year Housing

Ulla Searing Student Center

Students in Ulla Searing have in-house access to an array of student resources, including the Fitness Center, recreation spaces, design labs, and Student Life. Each room measures 11x16 ft, and enjoys a private bathroom with shower. Every wing offers large student lounges built for collaboration.

The Cove

Located on Whitaker Bayou, The Cove offers singles, doubles, and triples and requires students to have a meal plan. Each double and triple has a private bathroom, and the singles enjoy a half bath and shared hall showers. Outdoor areas are set up for waterside dining, lounging, and manatee spotting!

Keating Hall

Keating is a fully restored,1920s era hotel that is located near the Hammond Commons dining hall, Student Center, classrooms, and studios. Measuring 10x10 ft, these single bedrooms offer a unique, historical living experience in the heart of the campus. Bathrooms/showers are located down the hall.

Third and Fourth Year Housing

Students in their third and fourth years at Ringling College are housed in the Ulla Searing Student Center, The Cove, Roy and Susan Palmer Quadrangle, Bayou Village Apartments, Bridge Hall Apartments, 2409 Bradenton Rd, and “Near Campus” Housing. Upper-class student Resident Assistants (RAs) live in each area of student housing and come up with fun activities for students to build community while helping to facilitate a comfortable and safe living environment. Master's level professionals also live on campus and provide additional support.

Ulla Searing Student Center

Students in Ulla Searing have in-house access to an array of student resources, including the Fitness Center, recreation spaces, Outtakes Café, design labs, and Student Life. Each room measures 11x16 ft, and enjoys a private bathroom with shower. Every wing offers large student lounges built for collaboration.

The Cove

Located on Whitaker Bayou, the Cove offers singles, doubles, and triples and requires students to have a meal plan. Each double and triple has a private bathroom, and the singles enjoy a half bath and shared hall showers. Outdoor areas are set up for waterside dining, lounging, and manatee spotting!

Roy and Susan Palmer Quadrangle

These apartments are located near our Academic Center and are set up like traditional two bedroom apartments, some with two bathrooms and some with one. Apartments with two bathrooms hold three students, while those with one bathroom serve two. All of these units have full kitchens.

Bayou Village Apartments

Fully renovated in 2021, this option is for students who want more independence. These are some of the most sought-after rooms on campus, each suite consists of four singles, two bathrooms, a living room, full kitchen, and patio/balcony.

Bridge Hall Apartments

Located across the Whitaker Bayou to the east side of the Bayou Apartments, this is our newest apartment style residence. Most apartments consist of four single bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room and full kitchen. Amenities include a pedestrian bridge that connects to the Bayou Village, patio with ping pong, and secure bike storage.

2409 Bradenton Road (formerly Family Housing)

We offer both one bedroom and two bedroom units in this eight unit building near campus. Offering a wonderful view of Whitaker Bayou, this structure is located near the Academic Center and plenty of student resources.

“Near Campus” Houses

Ringling College has been steadily acquiring single family houses in the community surrounding our campus to provide a more independent lifestyle for upper-class students. We renovate as needed and manage them through Housing and Residence Life. Houses are typically two or three occupancy with both singles and doubles.

Returning Student Housing Contract


Add Ringling College students have their choice of several on-campus dining locations.

Sustainability at Ringling

Here at Ringling we are committed to a green and sustainable future.

We believe that through education, collaboration, and creativity we can help make our campus and the world a cleaner, healthier, and brighter place to be.

Sustainability at Ringling

Where You Belong

Diversity at Ringling

At Ringling College, we believe that art and design exists and thrives through diversity. We are a community of beliefs and backgrounds from every corner of the world. And you are welcome here.

Learn more about our Center for Diversity and Inclusion

Student Support Services

Students and staff from the Student Access Services on March 20th, 2023 in Sarasota, FL.
Health and Counseling Services

Even the healthiest of us get sick sometimes, so we offer on-campus health services for all students, regardless of your insurance provider. In partnership with Sarasota Memorial Hospital, Ringling College provides on-campus medical services and is equipped to diagnose and treat most common illnesses and conditions. 

No appointment is needed to drop in and see one of our medical professionals about your aches and pains, minor injuries, routine checkups, prescription needs, and more. Ringling Students can always receive care at the Sarasota Memorial Urgent Care Center for additional services or after hours care. Email:



We also offer free counseling and mental health services in a confidential and supportive environment. This includes individual and group counseling, educational programming, emergency psychological services, and, for longer-term care, consultations with home and community providers. We are here to make sure you are happy, healthy, and supported throughout your studies at Ringling College. Email: 


Go to our Health Services page

Public Safety

The safety of our students is paramount. That’s why we have a professional staff of uniformed Public Safety Officers on campus around the clock. We employ top-grade access control on the outside of every residence hall, ample lights and call towers around campus and parking facilities, and resources for interested students to learn how to protect themselves and their property. Email: 


We want you to be safe and comfortable here, and we are committed to taking every effort to make that happen.


Go to the Public Safety page

Student Access Services

Ringling College is committed to providing equal access opportunities for all students. Student Access Services (SAS) works collaboratively with faculty, staff, and students to ensure that appropriate accommodations, services, resources, and referrals are made that provide equity both in the academic environment and in campus life. SAS works with all campus resources to ensure that equitable and inclusive learning environments and campus participation is a shared responsibility of the campus community. Email:


Go to the Access Services page

Student Learning Center

The Ringling College Student Learning Center (SLC) offers academic support services available for all students free of charge. We welcome students looking for help in their classes with writing, software basics, studying, project development, and more. Additionally, we support those looking to develop skills such as organization, time management, and conversational English. Students’ academic goals vary, so appointments are individualized to meet your needs. We’re here to help. Email: 


Go to the Student Learning Center page

Beyond the Studio

Student Activities and Leadership

Ringling College students are active, interested, and involved! Learn more about our student-led clubs and leadership opportunities.

Recreation and Wellness

We know that happy artists and designers lead lives that are balanced and well-rounded, so we invite our students to take advantage of our various health and wellness programs available. 


Susan Palmer Fitness Center 

For those who like to get their hearts pumping and bodies moving, our on-campus Susan Palmer Fitness Center offers a number of options. Students can attend one of many Group Fitness classes, receive Personal Training, or put on their headphones and work out solo with our countless cardio and weight machines, free weights, medicine balls, resistance bands, and more. And to meet your crazy schedules, we keep the doors open late. We also encourage Ringling students to get involved with clubs, organizations, local trips and outings, and our Mindful Campus program. We have many club sports such as soccer, basketball, and even rowing! In recent years, trips have ranged from baseball games to Myakka River State Park, to American Ninja Warrior courses, and more.

More details can be found at

Student Clubs

Want to meet students with similar interests? Whether that is basketball, gardening, or typography, we probably have a club for it.

Join a club

We have a club for almost everything. So jump right in—or even start your own!

Here is a sampling of some of our current student-run clubs:

All Aboard! Board Game Club
All Ringling Television Network
Basketball Team
Black Student Union
ComicSmith Club
Crochet Club
Digital Paint Sketch Club (DPSC)
Fellowship of Christian Art Students (FOCAS)
Figure Enhancement Workshop (FEWs)
Fine Arts Club
Game Design Club
Genesis: Fashion Show
Green Ambassadors
Hispanic-Latin Students Alliance (HLSA)
Illest of Illustration
Improv Club
International Cultures Club
Kidlit Club
League of Legends/Champion Design Club
Music Club
National Society of Leadership and Success
New Crew Ringling Rowing
Ping Pong Club
Plein Air Club
Ringling Dance Team
Ringling Drag Club
Ringling Grappling Club
Ringling Readers Book Club
Ringling Theatre Club
Ringling Type Club
Ringling Volleyball Club
Ringling's Women in Animation
Screenwriting Club
Soccer Club
Storyboard Club
Students of Color Alliance
Tennis Club
The Horror Society
The Makers
The Sewing / Upcycling Club
Themed Entertainment Association at RCAD
Veteran's Club
Virtual Reality Development Club
Women and Non-Binary Club

Leadership Opportunities

Looking for a chance to lead? Our Office of Student Activities and Leadership Development encourages students to take the reins which is great experience for your future career. Join the Campus Activities Board and help organize campus events. Or, participate in the Student Government Association to help be the voice of your peers. Take advantage of leadership workshops and field trips. Learn how to lead and make the positive changes you want to see around campus.

Campus Ministry

Join communities that will allow you to explore and embrace your faith. Our Campus Ministry works with students of all religious affiliations to find the support and services they seek. Whether you are looking for a place to meditate, a group of like-minded worshipers, or simply someone to talk to, our Campus Minister is here to help.


We support student-led groups on campus to bring in speakers, hold prayer sessions, and learn more about their faith and that of others around them through interfaith forums. We are a member of the Hillel Chapter of Manatee County. We also support regular Catholic mass on campus as requested by our students. Regardless of your faith, we are here to help you connect with your faith community and offer guidance.



Get ready to give back! Each year, Ringling College dedicates over 14,000 hours of service to the local community—an in-kind value of over $200,000! Join fellow students planting community gardens, teaching art to local kids, cleaning up the environment, and painting murals.


Student Volunteerism and Service-Learning

The Student Life Office and Student Volunteerism and Service-Learning staff provide community service opportunities for the growth and development of the entire Ringling College community. A great deal of your learning beyond the classroom can take place through volunteerism. Becoming a student volunteer will help you gain professional skills and experience; you will become more socially responsible, gain a sense of belonging, meet other volunteers with similar values and interests, learn leadership skills, embrace diversity, and gain perspective by seeing others with different or more severe challenges than your own. Your worldview will be expanded as you gain insight into the Sarasota community and beyond.


As a Ringling College volunteer, you can share your strengths – artistic or otherwise – and have meaningful community experiences. 


Contact Information

Ulla Searing Student Center

Robert Perkins Student Life Wing



Upcoming events 

Voter and Civic Engagement information


RVO, Federal Work Study Program

Ringling College of Art and Design’s department of Student Volunteerism and Service-Learning has hired student Federal Work Study employees each year to expand our community outreach to even greater potential. This student group, called RVO (Ringling Volunteerism), is working hard to implement new marketing strategies, increase campus club and organization involvement, and strengthen our existing partnerships with local non-profit organizations. A huge 'thank you' to our hard-working student employees who are a wonderful example of service at Ringling College and to the Sarasota community! 


Student Ambassadors

This group is made up of volunteer students nominated by the heads of the academic departments and staff members of various student/academic support services. The students are chosen because they excel in and out of the classroom and those who nominated them believe they will serve as great representatives of their fellow students and Ringling College. 


YEA! Program

Ringling College of Art and Design recognizes that artists and designers play a significant role in society. The College's primary mission is to provide programs leading to degrees that prepare students to be discerning visual thinkers and ethical practitioners in their chosen area of art and design.


The YEA! (Youth Experiencing Art) Program at Ringling College of Art and Design provides art and arts integration experiences to PreK-12th grade teachers and students. YEA! pairs Ringling College students with classroom teachers and art teachers. These pairs co-develop, co-teach, and co-assess the projects connected to the students’ curriculum. By leveraging the learning through long-term residencies, students have multiple arts experiences that are personally meaningful and relevant. 


The Lazarus Foundation Scholarship

The Lazarus Foundation awards scholarships and grants to Ringling students who have demonstrated a commitment to community service. Applicants are asked to describe their past service experiences and to create a future program that will benefit the local community. Students will first receive the grant money to carry out the proposed project. Scholarship money will be awarded pending completion of the project. Applicants must be registered Ringling College students.

Varsity Esports

Introducing The Ringling Rollers – Ringling College’s inaugural Varsity Esports team.

Learn more about our Varsity Esports team

International Campus

There’s no such thing as a typical Ringling student. Our student body is composed of emerging artists and designers from all around the world and every corner of the United States. At Ringling, we welcome international dialogue and foster respect and inclusion because inspiration and creativity don’t thrive in a vacuum – the best artists and designers inspire and engage with the global community.

International Affairs

We welcome art and design students from around the world! To make you feel at home, introduce you to all of our resources, and ease the transition, we offer a wide array of services available on campus.

International Affairs

Our International Affairs department is centrally located to provide assistance and support for our many students from abroad. Reach out to us for anything you need, whether that be about employment, visas, tax forms, or travel. We will let you know what paperwork you need, what resources are available to you on campus, and what steps you need to take to stay up to date. 

Upon your arrival, you will check in with the Ringling College International Student Advisor to address any questions you may have and make you feel right at home. If you have any questions regarding resources for international students at Ringling College, please contact Amy Pettengill at or 941.893.2051.

Find more resources for International Students


Living in Sarasota

Sarasota is a cultural hub with two major art museums, a botanical garden that hosts rotating art exhibitions, and an artist residency program that attracts global icons. Come see why Sarasota is voted one of the top places to live in the United States.


Students have unlimited access to a constant rotation of transformative exhibitions at Sarasota Art Museum of Ringling College of Art and Design, the College’s dynamic laboratory for the exploration and advancement of contemporary art. Or, you can explore the grounds of the 66-acre Ringling Estate through the Bayfront gardens, with the historic Ca’ d’Zan mansion, the Museum of Art, the Circus Museum, and Asolo Repertory Theater. With over half a dozen theaters, an opera, ballet, art galleries, unique restaurants, comedy clubs, and more, there’s so much to discover. 

Explore the outdoors

We are also home to 40 miles of coastline featuring some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Hike through trails canopied by Spanish moss, palm trees, and oaks at the picturesque Myakka River State Park, or kayak around the twisting mangroves on Lido Key. Living in Sarasota means never having to hide from the weather. From the skatepark to the 10-mile-long mixed-use Legacy Trail to tropical landscapes, there is plenty to keep you out in the fresh air.

Explore Campus Virtually!

Unable to visit our campus? We’ve got you covered with our new Virtual Tour!