Ringling College Gives Thanks

Ringling College Gives Thanks

A season of giving and heartfelt gratitude, Thanksgiving is only a few days upon us before we bombard each other with gifts this holiday season.


Last Friday was a Ringling College annual event, GIVE THANKS DAY, a day in which students, faculty, and staff come together to write thank you cards to the Ringling College friends and donors who support us. This year there was a huge turnout: 689 students and over 50 parents of students mailed 1250 thank you cards during the lunch hour. People huddled around tables to write a special thank you card to the numerous donors who give all of us a chance to pursue our respective discipline in the arts. Chick-fil-A was handing out their notorious boxes filled with either chicken, wraps, or vegan options. And every participant received a light pink shirt that says ‘Give Thanks’ on it.


Ringling College donors support a mass variety of needs such as scholarships, Alfred R. Goldstein Library, and its programs and services, Sarasota Museum of Art, and much more. Without the donors and our alumni, Ringling College would not be what it is today.


No matter how big or small, a little something will make a difference. Lend a helping hand to someone this upcoming holiday season because you’ll never how that act will take that one person a long way in their journey.


Happy Thanksgiving! And don’t forget to enjoy yourself!


Written by Clonia Charite (Film, ’20). Pictured here.


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