Dream Jobs

Career opportunities in the world of creativity.

With a degree from Ringling College of Art and Design, you can do anything. In today’s world, everyone from grassroots nonprofits to international manufacturers are looking to hire art and design professionals because they know how to tell stories with powerful images that captivate and inspire. At Ringling College, you’ll learn the essentials of the craft you’ve chosen, but you’ll also learn the bigger picture: the way your work fits into the world at large. You’ll leave college with both marketable skills and a deep understanding of the world you’re entering—a combination that makes our graduates irresistible to recruiters.

Look inside for just some of the career opportunities available to you with a Ringling College degree!

What can you do with a degree in art and design from Ringling College? The range of jobs open to artists and designers is huge!

Business of Art and Design

Account Manager
Account Planner
Advertising Strategist
Art Buyer/Appraiser
Art Center Director
Art Director
Art Educator
Artist Representative/Agent
Arts Administrator
Arts Council Director
Brand Manager
Brand Strategist
Business Analyst
Business Developer
Business Owner
Campaign Strategist
Communications Director
Consumer Insights Manager
Corporate Design Manager
Creative Assets Manager
Creative Coordinator
Creative Director
Creative Marketing Strategist
Creative Services Director
Design Manager
Design Studio Owner
Digital Campaign Strategist
Director – Media Services
Events Planner
Events Strategist
Film Production Manager
Gallery Owner/Director
Global Advertising Manager
Grant Writer
Interactive Creative Director
Marketing Analyst
Marketing Consultant
Media Consultant
Media Director
Media Planner/Buyer
Media Research Analyst
Media Supervisor
Online Strategy Specialist
Production Manager
Project Manager
Social Media Manager
Strategic Expert
Website Consultant

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Computer Animation

2D Artist – Animation Studio
2D Production Manager
3D Character Sculptor
3D Lighting Director
3D Production Manager
Animation Character Artist
Animator/3D Generalist
Art Educator
Background Artist
Breakdown Artist
Broadcast Designer
CG Programmer
CG Supervisor
Character Animator
Character Designer
Character Modeler
Character Rigging Artist
Character Technical Director
Concept Artist
Creature Technical Director
Digital Fusion Compositor
Dynamics Scripter
Effects Animator
Environment Designer
Facial and Lip Sync Animator
Feature Production Assistant
In-Betweener Artist
Interaction Art Director
Interaction Designer
Key Frame Animator
Lead Artist Lead Designer – Production
Lighting Apprentice
Lighting Compositor
Lighting Specialist
Lighting Technical Director
Live-Action Animator
Maya Generalist
Mobile Graphics Animator
Morphing Artist – Film
Motion Capture Artist
Motion Graphics Animator
Orthographic Designer
Painter – Animation Digital
Post Production Designer
Previsualization Artist
Product Launch Director
Production Coordinator
Production Rendering Artist
Prop Designer – Animation
Render Pipeline Artist
Render Pipeline Coordinator
Renderer Rigging Artist
Senior Design Manager
Set Designer
Shading Artist
Site Content Developer
Storyboard Artist
Technical Animator Technical Director
Texture Artist
Texture Map Painter
Title Animator
VFX Supervisor
Visual Development Artist

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Creative Writing

Acquisitions Editor
Advertising Writer
Assistant Copywriter
Book Critic
Book Publisher
Comic Book Writer
Communications Professor
Copy Editor
Creative Writing Professor
Creativity Coach
Fact Checker
Fiction Writer
Freelance Writer
Grant Writer
Graphic Novelist
Greeting Card Writer
Legacy Writer
Medical Writer
Public Relations Executive
Screenplay Writer
Script Supervisor
Short Story Writer
Story Editor
Technical Writer
Travel Writer
TV Writer
Video Game Writer
Writing Coach

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Entertainment Design

Attractions Designer
Branded Entertainment Designer
Creative Director
Creative Services Manager
Customer Experience Designer
Engagement Content Creator
Exhibit Content Developer
Exhibit Designer
Exhibit Fabricator
Experience Design Manager
Graphics Implementation Designer
Hospitality Designer
In-Show Graphics Designer
Interactive/Digital Project Manager
Museum Exhibit Designer
Planning Specialist
Production Show Set Designer
Project Manager
Sets and Scenic Designer
Show Designer
Show Set Lead/Architectural Designer
Signage Designer
Technical Designer
Technical Director
Technology Coordinator
Themed Entertainment Creator
Visualization Designer

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Art Director – Feature Films
Assistant Camera Operator
Assistant Director Assistant Editor
Assistant Producer
Audio Engineer
Best Boy
Boom Operator
Camera Operator
Casting Director
Chief Lighting Technician
Concept Artist
Construction Coordinator
Costume Designer
Costume Illustrator
Dialogue Editor
Digital Color Specialist
Digital Compositor
Digital Recording Director
Digital Scanning Director
Director of Photography
Executive Producer
Field Supervisor
Film Editor
Film Educator
Film Promoter
Foley Artist
Foreign Film Promoter
Global Film Strategist
Graphic Designer – Films Grip
Illustrator – Films
Interactive Art Director
Lighting Designer
Lighting Technician
Location Manager
Location Scout
Makeup Artist
Makeup Department Head
Media Director
Media Planner/Buyer
Motion Graphics Designer
Music Editor
Production Assistant
Production Manager
Props-Production Designer
Scoring Crew
Script Supervisor
Set Designer
Set Lighting Technician
Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Steadicam Operator
Storyboard Artist
Title Designer
Utility Sound Technician

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Fine Arts

Archive Manager
Art Appraiser
Art Association Director
Art Broker
Art Conservationist
Art Critic
Art Dealer
Art Educator
Art Historian
Art Investment Advisor
Art Preservationist
Art Restorer
Art Sales Associate
Art Therapist
Art Writer
Artist Representative
Arts & Culture Program Director
Arts Festival Director
Arts Grant Writer
Ceramist Collection Care Specialist
Computer Artist
Costume Designer
Digital Printmaker
Director of Public Art
District Arts Consultant
Exhibition Designer
Gallery Assistant
Gallery Cataloguer
Gallery Manager
Gallery Owner/Director
Holography Artist
Installation Artist
Mask Artist – Film
Mixed Media Artist
Museum Curator
Museum Manager
Painter/Fine Artist
Portrait Artist
Programs Administrator
Scenic Artist
Set Designer
Sketch Artist
Studio Manager/Principal
Surface Artist
Textile Artist
Video Artist/Designer

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Game Art

2D Pixel Artist – Games
3D Artist – Mobile Games
3D Character Sculptor
3D Lighting Director
3D Production Manager
Animation Programmer
Art Director
Art Educator
Building Artist
Character Modeler
Character Rigging Artist
Character Setup Artist
Character Texture Artist
Cinematic Animator
Cinematic Artist
Computer Graphic Artist
Concept Artist
Content Designer
Creative Services Director
Environment Artist
FX Artist
Game Designer
Game Strategy Specialist
Game Systems Designer
Lead Artist
Lead Building Artist
Level Art Director
Level Designer
Lighting Compositor
Lighting Specialist
Lighting Technical Director
Line Producer
Live-Action Animator
Maya Animator
Mission Designer
Morphing Artist
Online Gaming Strategist
Set Designer
Shading Artist
Sketch Artist
Sports Game Designer
Storyboard Artist
Technical Animator
Technical Artist
Technical Director
Technical Lighting Director
Texture Artist
Texture Coordinator
Texture Map Painter
Texture Painter
Vehicle Artist
Visual Development Artist
Visual Effects Artist

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Graphic Design

App Designer
Art Director
Art Educator
Automotive Graphic Artist
Book Designer
Brand Consultant
Brand Development Designer
Campaign Project Strategist
Catalog Designer
Communications Director
Computer Production Artist
Conceptual Designer
Corporate Marketing Designer
Creative Director
Creative Imaging Coordinator
Creative Marketing Director
Creative Services Manager
Design Director – Print Media
Designer Manager
Digital Image Artist
Digital Production Artist
Direct Marketing Designer
Editorial Designer
Electronic Production Artist
Environmental Designer
Executive Web Producer
Exhibit Planner/Designer
Experience Design Strategist
Freelance Event Designer
Global Brand Manager
Graph Generation Specialist
Graphic Designer
Graphics Marketing Director
Image Design Director
Information Designer
Interactive Creative Director
Interactive Media Designer
Interactive Production Artist
Lead Web Designer
Licensing Production Artist
Logo Designer Map Designer (Cartographer)
Marketing Artist
Marketing Graphics Director
Marketing Specialist
Media Production Specialist
Mobile Application Designer
Mobile Web Designer
Motion Graphics Designer
Multimedia Art Director
Multimedia Services Manager
Online Experience Designer
Online Media Designer
Packaging Designer
Photo Art Director/Editor
Point of Purchase Designer
Pre-Press Graphic Designer
Presentation Artist
Print Media Design Director
Product Art Director
Product Designer/Illustrator
Production Manager
Production Specialist
Project Manager
Promotional Designer
Publications Director
Quality Control Artist
Signage Developer/Designer
Social Media Director
Sports Graphic Designer
Streaming Media Artist
Studio Coordinator Studio
Production Manager
Trade Show Booth Designer
Typeface/Font Designer
UI (User Interface) Designer
Video/Film Graphic Designer
Virtual Graphics Designer
Virtual Presentation Artist
Visual Identity Art Director
Wayfinding Designer
Website Art Director
Website Designer/Developer

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2D Cartoon Illustrator
Advertising Comp Artist
Advertising Layout
Artist Animation/Illustration
Artist Architectural Illustrator
Art Director
Art Educator
Biomedical Illustrator
Book Cover Illustrator
Botanical Illustrator
Broadcast Illustrator
Character Artist
Character Sketcher
Children’s Book Illustrator
Comic Book Illustrator
Conceptual Artist
Costume Designer
Costume Supervisor
Creative/Fashion Director
Digital Illustrator
E-Greeting Card Illustrator
E-Learning Designer
Editorial Cartoonist
Fabric Print Artist
Fashion Illustrator
Graphic Novel Artist/Writer
Greeting Card Illustrator
Home Textiles Designer
Iconographer (Symbols)
Imaging Specialist
Live Caricature Artist
Logo Designer
Magazine Illustrator
Map Illustrator
Marketing Artist
Medical Illustrator
Medical Products Illustrator
Music Video Set Painter
Packaging Illustrator
Painter – Theater
Pattern Creation Designer
Point-of-Purchase Designer
Pop-Up Card/Book Designer
Portrait Artist
Previsualization Artist
Product Illustrator
Scientific Illustrator
Set Designer – Film & TV Set
Signage Developer/Designer
Storyboard Sketch Artist
Surface Designer
Tattoo Designer
Textbook Illustrator
Textile Painter

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Motion Designer

2D Animator
3D Animator
Art Director – Broadcast
Art Educator
Audio Visual Specialist
Broadcast Graphic Designer
Commercial Producer
Communications Strategist
Compositor Content Creator
Creative Director
Design Director – Broadcast
Digital Product Designer
E-Learning Media Developer
Entrepreneur Experience Designer
Experience Strategist
Film Sequence Specialist
Film Titles Animator
Film Titles Designer
Games Designer
Graphic Coordinator
Graphic Designer
Graphics Editor
Image Design Director
Interaction Designer
Interactive Art Director
Interactive Artist
Interactive Illustrator
Interactive Media Designer
Interface Designer
Mobile App Developer
Mobile Graphics Animator
Mobile Web Designer
Motion Artist
Motion Graphics Designer
Multimedia Designer
On-Air Art Director
On-Air Motion Designer
Online Media Designer
Phone Screen Designer
Production Editor
Production Specialist
Senior Digital Designer
Special Effects Designer
Television Effects Creator
Title Sequence Designer
Touch Screen UX Designer
User Experience Lead
User Interface Designer
UX Manager
UX Motion Designer
UX Strategist
Video Compressionist
Web Designer
Web Developer
Web Graphics Designer

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Photography and Imaging

Aerial Photographer
Architectural Photographer
Art Educator
Automotive Photographer
Blog Photographer
Broadcast Photojournalist
Catalog Photographer
Color Corrector
Combat Photographer
Continuity Photographer
Cosmetic Retoucher
Creative Coordinator
Digital Asset Manager
Digital Image Archivist
Digital Image Retoucher
Digital Photo Lab Director
Director of Photography
Documentary Producer
Environmental Photographer
Event Photographer
Fashion Photographer
Food Photographer
Gallery Photo Curator
Home Design Photographer
Image Archives Coordinator
Imaging Technician
Interior Photographer
Landscape Digital Imager
Location Photographer
Magazine Photographer
Media Production Specialist
Medical Photographer
Multimedia Technician
Museum Image Archivist
Museum Photo Curator
News Photographer
Online Photo Manager
Photo Sales Manager
Photo/Video Editor
Photo Restorer
Photo Studio Manager
Photo Stylist
Photography Archivist
Photography Historian
Photography Scout
Portrait Photographer
Print Quality Analyst
Promotional Photographer
Real Estate Photographer
Sports Photographer
Stock Photo Provider
Studio Lighting Expert
Surveillance Photographer
Travel Photographer
Visual Stylist
Website Photographer

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Virtual Reality Development

3D Artist
3D Modeler
Game Designer
Gameplay Programmer
Interaction Designer
Level Artist
Medical Visualization Specialist
Military Training Specialist
Product Engineer
Scientific Visualization Artist
Software Developer
Spatial & Visualization Engineer
Technical Artist
Training Specialist
Unreal Engine 4 Scripter
UX/UI Designer
Virtual Reality Creator
VR Content Producer
VR Developer
VR Engineer
VR Specialist
World Builder 

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Visual Studies

Art Consultant
Art Director
Art Educator
Art Historian
Arts Critic/Journalist
Arts Manager
Book Designer
Brand Manager
Character Artist
Costume Designer
Creative Coordinator
Creative Director
Cultural Journalist
Events Strategist
Exhibit Designer
Finish Designer
Interactive Designer
Interface Designer
Marketing Manager
Mixed Media Artist
Project Manager
Prototype Maker
Service Designer
Studio Artist
Studio Manager
Studio Principal
Trends Specialist
UX Strategist
Visual Stylist
Website Designer

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