Esports Events

Spring 2023 Competition Schedule

Tuesday, October 3 7pm EST Coe College
Tuesday, October 10 7pm EST UHD Gators Varsity
Tuesday, October 17 7pm EST SIUe Overwatch Varsity
Tuesday, October 24 7pm EST Oddly Omnic Gold
Tuesday, October 37pm ESTLEGENDS OW #1
Tuesday, October 107pm ESTMount Acad Gold
Tuesday, October 177pm ESTCSCC Cougars OW2
Tuesday, October 247pm EST

Coffeyville CC OW2

Tuesday,  October 317pm ESTMount Acad Blue
Tuesday, November 77pm ESTKC Overwatch
Wednesday, October 48pm ESTUMBC Gray
Wednesday, October 117pm ESTUHD Gators
Wednesday, October 187pm ESTGustavus Varsity
Wednesday, October 257pm ESTLSU Academy
Wednesday, November 17pm ESTUSC Black
Wednesday, November 87pm ESTCarleton JV Crimson
Thursday, October 57pm ESTFlorida Tech SSBU Crimson
Thursday, October 127pm ESTFS Armada SSBU
Thursday, October 197pm ESTGustavus Varsity
Thursday, October 87pm ESTWinthrop Smash
Thursday, October 127pm ESTUNCG Azurites
Thursday, October 197pm ESTUSF Smash Gold
Thursday, October 267pm ESTFAU Owls Red


E Ramey
Ulla Searing Student Center
1130 Greensboro Lane
Sarasota, FL 34234


Practice Schedule

The Student Smart Room, located in Goldstein Hall.

Practice at club Saturday 6-10 pm. Practice with Coach Rivers Wednesday 3-5 pm

Matches Thursday 7pm

Rules and Conduct: Team members only (Overwatch and Smash teams) will attend practices