Giving Thanks

Writing thank you notes is something of a lost art. Today, we text our thank yous, we email our notes of gratitude, but very few people take the time to sit down and handwrite a thank you note. For the last four years, Ringling College of Art and Design has set out to change that. […]

Sarasota Art Museum

A new asset for Ringling College students, faculty, and staff! On Dec. 14, the Sarasota Art Museum on the Ringling College Museum Campus opened its doors to the public. While its value to the community is immeasurable, for students, faculty, and staff of Ringling College of Art and Design, the new campus offers an incomparable […]

Seven Questions with Yoleidy Rosario

Tell us about some of the people you work with, and what inspires you to want to help them… Rosario: I am from New York City and I grew up in a very diverse and inclusive environment. After I left, I realized that even in New York City, there’s a lot of division when you […]