Esports Events

Spring 2024 Competition Schedule

Tuesday, February 67pm ESTMontgomery County
Tuesday, February 137pm ESTBroward
Tuesday, February 207pm ESTETSY OW 2 Gold
Tuesday, February 277pm ESTMessiah
Tuesday, March 57pm ESTWTAMU
Tuesday, March 127pm ESTFS Armada
Tuesday, March 197pm ESTHornet


Tuesday, February 67pm ESTGVSU CLUB
Tuesday, February 137pm ESTUNC Pembroke
Tuesday, February 207pm ESTNDSU
Tuesday, February 277pm ESTUSD Ruby
Tuesday,  March 57pm ESTOsprey Academy
Tuesday, March 127pm ESTAU Esports
Tuesday, March 197pm ESTUniv. of Kentucky
Wednesday, February 77pm ESTShenandoah Univ.
Wednesday, February 147pm ESTKettering
Wednesday, February 217pm ESTMSJ Lions
Wednesday, February 287pm ESTSJU Charlie
Wednesday, March 137pm ESTUniv. of New England
Wednesday, March 207pm ESTGVSU Game Changers


Thursday, February 87pm ESTBrewton-Parker
Thursday, February 157pm ESTAtlantic University
Thursday, February 227pm ESTKU Flagship
Thursday, February 297pm ESTColombia College
Thursday, March 77pm ESTSHC SSBU
Thursday, March 147pm ESTKeiser Lakeland
Thursday, March 217pm ESTFlorida Tech



E Ramey
Ulla Searing Student Center
1130 Greensboro Lane
Sarasota, FL 34234


Practice Schedule

The Student Smart Room, located in Goldstein Hall.

Practice at club Saturday 6-10 pm. Practice with Coach Rivers Wednesday 3-5 pm

Matches Thursday 7pm

Rules and Conduct: Team members only (Overwatch and Smash teams) will attend practices