Student Access Services

Office of Student Access Services

Student Access Services (SAS) works collaboratively with faculty, staff and students to ensure that appropriate accommodations, services, resources and referrals are made that provide equity both in the academic environment and in campus life. SAS works with all campus resources to ensure that equitable and inclusive learning environments and campus participation is a shared responsibility of the campus community.

Ringling College is committed to providing equal access opportunities for all students. Students who have disabilities are offered a variety of reasonable accommodations in order to have complete access to all academic programs. This is in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations and other relevant state and federal legislation policies.

Students requesting equal access accommodations must register with Student Access Services to receive reasonable accommodations. In order to be registered with SAS students must complete intake information and sign an agreement. Academic accommodations are not formally established until 30 days to the start of the student’s first semester.

 Accommodations are not retroactive, so it is recommended to establish accommodations with Student Access Services prior to the start of a semester. Accommodations must be renewed every semester. The process and assignment of reasonable accommodations may look different than what the student is used to from their high school experience. Informational meetings are encouraged while gathering information about attending Ringling College. Contact to inquire or schedule an appointment with SAS.

Housing accommodations require more notice for planning and assignment. Students that require housing accommodations are encouraged to email Student Access Services at once a housing contract has been submitted.

Prospective and Accepted Students

Though the accommodation process cannot begin until a student has been accepted to the college, many people have questions prior to applying. Students are encouraged to meet with Student Access Services while gathering information and applying to Ringling College. Inquires or establishing a line of communication can begin by emailing

Once Students have been accepted into Ringling College, the application for accommodations can be submitted, please complete the online application and upload documentation using our online management system - AIM.

  • Click here to access: AIM
  • Complete the Student Application by filling in all the items with a red *
    • You must use your Ringling College email address and your Ringling ID number on the intake form.
  • Once you click submit, a screen will appear for documentation.
    • For files larger than 1mb, scan as separate files or zip the large file.
  • You will receive an automated email confirming receipt of your student application.
  • Once your application has been submitted, schedule an appointment with Student Access Services to review requests and for determination of approved accommodations.
    • This meeting is required before any accommodations can be put into place.

Click here for an appointment.

Accommodation Process

Students New to Student Access Services

Students who are new to Student Access Services, must make an appointment with Student Access Services before accommodations can be acquired. If you have any questions about the process, please email us at

Students Currently Registered with Student Access Services

Students who are already approved for accommodations are required to renew every semester. if you are satisfied with your accommodations and would like to renew them, please email If you were NOT satisfied with your accommodations last semester, please make an appointment  to discuss your questions/concerns with the Director of Student Access Services.

To file an appeal regarding academic accommodations, please contact Clair Harris at

For any grievance against the Director of Student Access Services, please refer to the Student Grievance Policy.

Documentation of a Disability

In college, accommodations are made to provide students equal access to all college-sponsored activities and events, especially to classrooms and instruction. To receive accommodations for those situations, students are asked to provide documentation.

Documentation may be required to verify the need for certain services. Other times, further information from professional evaluations may be required to establish and explain the basis for requests. Information from health care and other providers is always useful for Student Access Services to review and understand the limitations disability as well as the diagnosis and reasonable accommodations.


At Ringling, students whose access to buildings, instruction or campus activities is limited by a disability are encouraged to meet with Student Access Services during the admissions process to understand what is reasonable to accommodate and what recent and developmentally appropriate documentation would be necessary.


Useful documents may include

• IEPs (individualized education plans) from high school
• 504 plans
• Psycho-educational or neuropsychological evaluations
• Letters from physicians or other providers about diagnosis, treatment and recommended services.
• Diagnostic reports and updates

Students and guardians with concerns about documentation or any other aspect of accommodation should contact the office of Student Access Services at


Questions and concerns about accommodations should be reported to Student Access Services as soon as possible.
Students dissatisfied with accommodations may submit an appeal.
Students may also submit a complaint to the appropriate government agency.