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ART Network

The award-winning ART Network is a student-run group that works as part of the Office of Marketing and Communications to create video content highlighting Ringling College’s community. Topics include interviews with guest speakers, class presentations, tutorials, show pilots, documentaries, news, and campus events.

ART Network is open to all majors; and the work ranges from hands-on production to writing, graphic design, filming, and beyond. The highly-selective group has both volunteer (club) positions as well as paid student employee positions. Currently there are more than a dozen members of the team.

Students meet weekly to coordinate video shoots in and around the college community, from pre-production planning to post-production editing. The group was established as All-Ringling Television (ART) Network and is now known as ART Network.


ART Network offers video coverage of Ringling-related events, as well as edited material made to promote events, leaders, and the wider college community. Topics include:

  • Campus events
  • Interviews with guest speakers
  • Entertainment segments, such as Ringling Feud and
  • That Moment of Fame
  • Class presentations
  • Tutorials
  • Show pilots
  • Documentaries
  • News


Marketing and Communications
Roskamp Center III
2328 N Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, FL 34234



Meet the Team

Marquee Doyle

Marquee Doyle

Senior Production Manager

Office of Marketing and Communications

Alejandra Cintrón Rivera

Alejandra Cintrón Rivera '24


Alexis Bielich

Alexis Bielich '24

Visual Studies

Celi Mitidieri

Celi Mitidieri


Damien Penn

Damien Penn ’26


Gabriel Lopez

Gabriel Lopez '24


Hayley Kirk

Hayley Kirk '25

Business of Art and Design

Kennedy Carruth

Kennedy Carruth '26


Lachin Kerbabaeva

Lachin Kerbabaeva '26


Lauren Avila Santana

Lauren Avila Santana '25


Matthew Peterson

Matthew Peterson '24


Melanie Perez

Melanie Perez '25

Graphic Design

Milena Montero

Milena Montero '24


Nicholas Horne

Nicholas Horne '24


Sandra Lee

Sandra Lee '24

Graphic Design

Will Mauricette

Will Mauricette '24


Ringling Feud

ART Network presents Ringling Feud, a live game show where different majors, departments, clubs, and even parents compete to prove who has their finger on the pulse of Ringling College culture. 

Stream the first season now!

Follow them on Instagram to find out about future games.

Get Involved

Students who would like to participate are encouraged to join the ART Network Club to get familiar with camera and sound equipment. Students in the Club have access to shadowship opportunities, where they can assist ART Network video shoots under worker supervision. Students with experience who are interested in a paid position should contact Marquee Doyle.


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