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What do you think the future looks like?

In a world primarily led by logic and structure, where productivity and the bottom line have reigned supreme, it’s exciting to be witnessing this transformational time. A time where our other senses and sensitivities are emerging as vital, and creativity is becoming the driver of not only individual or community expression, but of prosperous companies and global economies.

Ringling College of Art and Design is more than a witness to this shift, we are an agent of this change. Our long-time commitment to turning passion into profession; to fostering creativity in all forms as our highest value; and to shaping our students to be rich in experience, perspective, and various media positions us uniquely at the forefront of this profound human and economic transformation.

Our institutional campaign, Catalyst for Creativity, will ensure our continued success as an incubator of diverse, unique, and collaborative students. And, with your investment, we will deepen our ability to position our graduates to lead and innovate throughout the 21st century.

We invite your catalytic collaboration.


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Inspiring Creativity

In order to prepare graduates for our expanding global economy, higher educational institutions must heavily invest in academic innovation and creative thinking.

Thus, our Catalyst for Creativity campaign will encompass three essential priorities:

01_v2 Building Creativity

Building Creativity


Where we house our teaching and learning must be welcoming, contemporary, and smart—fostering the original and innovative design we champion. It is also time that we build an iconic center to welcome prospective students, alumni, families, community partners, and the larger Sarasota community. Designed by one of the nation’s leading architects, Moody Nolan, the new Signature Academic Building will be a gateway to our campus.

Igniting Creativity


Significant investment in innovative curricula, faculty recruitment and development, and a deepened commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is paramount. Through scholarship support, barriers are removed and each student’s path to graduation secured. This will allow our bright and passionate young people to turn their skills, talents, and dreams into active and impactful lives and careers.

thumbnail_02_v2 Igniting Creativity
03 Connecting Creativity

Connecting Creativity


Ringling College’s role in the community continues to expand as a leader, convener, and cultural partner. Additional investments are required to ensure that thousands of people from across our region have meaningful access to our artistic and educational programs through:

Ringling College Galleries and Exhibitions

Sarasota Art Museum

TOWN HALL Lecture Series

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)

Englewood Art Center

Total campaign goal: $175 million


Thank you to everyone who has generously helped raise $130 million as of January 2024!

Be a catalyst for creativity.

Office for Advancement
2700 North Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, FL, 34234
941-359-7662 fax

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