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Learning Specialists: 1-hour appointments
Monday - Thursday 9 am - 8 pm
Friday 9 am - 4 pm

Student Consultants/Tutors: 30-minute appointments
Sunday - Thursday 7 pm - 11 pm

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During these uncertain times, the SLC wants to assure students that we are still here to support you.

However, all appointments will be online.  

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"WARNING: This video contains flashing lights and may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised."

The Ringling College Student Learning Center (SLC) is for everyone. Our goal is to provide creative academic support in a nurturing environment. Your academic goals vary, from playing catch up to staying ahead of the pack, so our approach is individualized just for you. We welcome students looking for help in specific academic subjects, as well as those looking for some beyond-the-classroom support in areas such as time management, writing, or conversational English. Depending on your needs, we offer professional Learning Specialists for one-on-one attention and a staff of Student Consultants.



Services Offered by Learning Specialists

Our Learning Specialists are here to work with you individually (free of charge!) in any/all of the areas below:

Project & Presentation Development: Projects and presentations are a fundamental part of Ringling College’s curriculum, and our Learning Specialists can help with brainstorming, research, organization, editing, and bibliographies. Most importantly, we can help you develop presentation skills and share strategies for dealing with nervousness and anxiety during public speaking.

Reading: Improve your reading comprehension by working to develop active reading strategies and to avoid re-reading. No more wasting time. Whether it’s a textbook or pdf, we can help you be a more effective reader who scores higher on reading quizzes.

Studying: Tests and exams cover a vast amount of material. So study with a Learning Specialist who will share proven study tools, tips, memory devices, and practice questions. We focus on your area of need to help make study time more effective.

Writing: Work with a Learning Specialist on writing assignments from any class and get support for all phases of the writing process from brainstorming, research, organization, internal citations, bibliographies, and editing/revising. We help with Freshmen Writing Studio assignments, art history papers, liberal arts research or response papers, senior thesis projects, creative writing, film scripts, and more. Learn to write academic papers correctly in order to avoid accidental plagiarism. Also, get help with grammar and mechanics if this is an area of weakness.

Organization/Time Management: Learn to prioritize your schedule and make the most effective use of your time to ensure you can study, socialize, eat, sleep, and create. Work with a Learning Specialist to create an in-depth time management plan on a Google doc in order to revise it as the semester progresses. Come in and make a plan for the whole semester or a shorter plan for upcoming deadlines.


Services Offered by Student Consultants

In the afternoons and evenings, our Student Consultants are here to help.  

Writing: Work on papers for any class and get help with all phases of the writing process including brainstorming, research, organization, internal citations, bibliographies, and editing/revising.

Conversational English: Our Consultants use current topics of interest to help you practice speaking and listening in a casual, comfortable environment.

Basic Time Management: Get off on the right track by working with a Consultant to create a basic time management plan in Google Docs that you can tweak and revise as needed throughout the semester. For more in-depth time management, schedule an appointment with a Learning Specialist.


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