Ringling & Moffitt host 8th-Annual VR and Healthcare Global Symposium

Ringling & Moffitt host 8th-Annual VR and Healthcare Global Symposium

The Virtual Reality and Healthcare Global Symposium 2024 is the 8th annual event scheduled from Feb. 29 to March 3, 2024. The event’s first two days will take place at Ringling College of Art and Design, followed by two days at Tampa’s Moffitt Cancer Center. The symposium aims to foster partnership and collaboration in healthcare, focusing on providing unique content and perspectives from across the healthcare and virtual reality development spectrum.

Notable speakers this year include: 

  • Martin Murphy, Endowed Department Head for Virtual Reality at Ringling College 
  • Ana Carolina Pereira, Ringling College Faculty 
  • Dr. Sarah Hoffe, Moffitt Cancer Center
  • Dr. Susan Kirsh, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Ryan Douglas, DeepWell DTx
  • Dr. Walter Greenleaf, Stanford University
  • and over 50 other speakers and representatives from various institutions and organizations

Ringling College students enrolled in the Virtual Reality Development major and minor will attend the program at both the College and Moffitt campuses. For more information and the full schedule, please visit: https://health24.ivrha.org

Ringling College also hosted a VR Healthcare Hackathon from Feb. 9-11. The theme focused around ‘Fall Prevention and Sensory Decline,’ with presentations led by Elena Vizvary from the Universal Design Coalition, and Kelly Ward from Florida’s Department of Health. 

Over 40 students from nine U.S. colleges and universities competed in the hackathon challenge, including: Arizona State University, Cornell University, New York University, Ohio University, Ringling College of Art and Design, Santa Clara University, University of Central Florida, University of Mississippi Medical Center, and University of South Florida.

“In this VR healthcare Hackathon, our students gained invaluable educational insights,” explained Martin Murphy, Joel and Gail Morganroth Endowed Department Head for Virtual Reality Development at Ringling College, and co-organizer of the Hackathon.

“By integrating research and clinical practices into their projects, they learned to apply their art and design skills in real-world scenarios. Presenting their ideas to high-tech CEOs, government officials, and healthcare professionals in a shark tank-style evaluation enhanced their critical thinking, communication, and pitching skills. This direct exposure to industry expectations and standards provided a unique educational opportunity, preparing them for the interdisciplinary demands of future professional endeavors. The educational value of this Hackathon lies in its immediate and practical impact on our students’ skill set, bridging the gap between creativity and real-world application. We look forward to hosting the event again in January 2025.”

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