2017 Game Art Graduate is Finalist at E3!

2017 Game Art Graduate is Finalist at E3!

Congratulations to recent graduate Trent Sivek (Game Art, ’17) for being selected as a finalist in this year’s E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) College Game Competition!  Trent’s game Phonetica, a playable game with Ringling College’s infamously stunning game artwork, was selected as one of five finalists chosen from over 400 colleges and universities. You may recognize the work as the winner of the Juror’s Award at this year’s Best of Ringling.

Phonetica was created as a Ringling College Game Art senior thesis project rendered in real time using Unreal Engine 4. It is an interactive game in which the players make their way through a musical palace. Trent dives into the planning, production, and details of his game in an article for 80 level. He will exhibit Phonetica at the E3 showroom from June 13-15 in Los Angeles. 

Congrats to Trent, and good luck in the finals!

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