Goldstein Library Opens with Book Passing Ceremony

Goldstein Library Opens with Book Passing Ceremony

Earlier this week the new Goldstein Library was opened to the public following the ceremonious passing of the books and a soft launch for faculty and staff. Over 200 Ringling College students, faculty, and staff participating in passing 200 carefully selected books from the previous Verman Kimbrough Memorial Library to the new Alfred R. Goldstein Library, snaking across campus—and across an intersection!—to usher in the newest facility on campus.

Inside you’ll find three floors filled with computer labs, student lounges, work rooms, cafes, and of course, an awe-inspiring amount of books and artistic resources available to students 24/7! Large enough to house the entire Ringling College collection at 46,000 square ft, the new library offers 65,000 books and periodicals and 10,000 additional items, such as DVDs, games, and Blu-Rays.

Upon entering the library, you’ll see a three-story mural created by Ringling Fine Arts alum Julie Kanapaux (class of 2000). Her artwork, Momentum, was selected from over 200 entries as part of a campus contest open to Ringling College students and alumni. This week’s opening marked its unveiling—congratulations Julie!

Finally, a huge thank you to donors Isabel Norton and Carolyn Johnson for their incredible fundraising efforts and to Alfred Goldstein, long-time friend and supporter of Ringling College, for helping make this facility a reality.

If you would like more information about the new Alfred R. Goldstein Library check out their Facebook page here:

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