Renderforest Interviews Ed Cheetham

Renderforest Interviews Ed Cheetham

Motion Design department head Ed Cheetham answers questions about how he defines Motion Design, what it takes to be a great designer, and how he approaches a new project in an interview with Renderforest, a cloud-based video and animation tool provider. Ed is a hands-on instructor who combs through every portfolio he receives to get acquainted with applicants and identify those who will be a good fit for the rigorous program at Ringling College. Although he has his favorite tools and platforms to use (Photoshop, Cinema 4D, Illustrator, and After Effects), he strongly encourages his students not to rely on technology, but to focus on messaging and concept, remarking: 

“Motion designers are visual communicators, and using visuals to effectively reach an audience is not going away. The software or the delivery method may change, but clear effective communication will remain the ultimate goal. The element that will transcend the change of technology is the implementation of traditional design and animation principles. Those principles are the foundation of all good communication. Designers will embrace whatever technology is available. Motion Design’s future looks very bright.” 

About Ed Cheetham

Ed Cheetham, Department Head of the Motion Design major, earned a BFA in Graphic Design with a minor in Journalism from Drake University; and an MA in Art Education – Computer Graphics/Animation from The Ohio State University. With over 13 years of professional teaching experience, Ed joined Ringling College in 2009. He currently owns and operates his own animation/design company, Digital Artistry. Ed is responsible for concept, design, and production of 2D and 3D motion graphics and animation. His client list includes national cable channels such as Country Music Television, The Gospel Music Channel, Great American Country, and the Cartoon Network, as well as Viacom, NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox affiliates.

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