Photography and Imaging

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Explore the evolution of today’s photographic industry. Commercial or conceptual, moving or still, learn the techniques and strategies to advance your career in a variety of photographic fields.

Eric Wang ’20


Share your stories in this BFA program.

Photography is everywhere and is in a period of unprecedented change, with constantly evolving technological advancements and multimedia possibilities that are redefining what it means to be a professional photographer. Our Photography and Imaging students immerse themselves in a curriculum that enables them to explore the unlimited creative possibilities that exist today for capturing, producing, and sharing innovative and meaningful work.

We build on the photographic tradition and thoroughly investigate the future possibilities of both the still and moving image while encouraging our students to develop an individual voice and perspective with their work that will set them apart from the casual observers of life. Our graduates are fully prepared to be young professionals, ready to participate in and help define this exciting new era of photography.



Hillman Prize

Wall Street Journal Scholarship

Top 100 Artists, Designers, and Photographers

Creative Quarterly

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Vogue Photo Festival

Selected Exhibitions
and Mentions

Jesse Clark ’23 Everglow, Solo Exhibition at Art Center Sarasota, Florida, 2022

Jesse Clark ’23 Featured Interviews Herald Tribune, Your Observer, Voyage Tampa, Sarasota Magazine

Matthew Troyer ’22 #New Visions 2022, Texas Photographic Society, Houston, Texas

Mikenna Bowers ’23 Women Together for Art Exhibition, Halo Arts Project, Sarasota, Florida, 2021

Mikenna Bowers ’23 Art to The World Exhibition, El Salvador, 2021

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Frances Bukovsky

Miles Goscha

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Alumni Spotlight

Graduates of the Photography and Imaging program are ready to practice their craft in a wide variety of professional fields from fashion, documentary, advertising, and editorial photography, to exhibiting their work as fine art. Whatever path our students choose, we give them both the technical and conceptual tools to help them succeed and produce meaningful work in an ever- changing visual environment.

World-Class Visiting Artists

Every year we invite some of the best artists and industry professionals to Ringling College to interact with our students.


John Paul Caponigro

Emmet Gowin

Julie Blackmon

Vincent Laforet

Clint Clemens

Greg Gorman

Tyler Mitchell

Selina Roman

Steven Irby

Anastasia Samoylova

Brea Souders

Bobby Rodgers

…among many others

International Center of

Every year our students compete to spend one year studying at ICP, the world’s leading institution dedicated to the practice and understanding of photography. The selected students have a unique opportunity to participate in the Creative Practices Program there that exposes them to world-renowned faculty, challenging ideas and a diverse group of international students. Currently Ringling College is one of only three undergraduate programs in the country to have this unique affiliation.


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