Tiny Love Stories: Creative Writing Student Featured in NY Times

Tiny Love Stories: Creative Writing Student Featured in NY Times

At a time when our media seems relentlessly inundated with negative reports, it’s nice to read about love – even in its most simplistic and purest form. 

In September 2018, The New York Times launched their “Tiny Love Stories” series, submissions from normal people, all over, about their personal love stories – happy or sad – in 100 words or less. The short paragraphs talk about so many different things – the way a stranger showed the author a small kindness, learning to appreciate family and friends, couples who have been in love for 75+ years, working through and overcoming sickness, mental illness, and disorders, and finding love and inspiration in the most unlikely places. Beautiful daily reminders that in the end The Beatles were right, all we need is love. 

Third-year Ringling College Creative Writing student, Markella Wagner decided to submit her story and it was selected and posted on The New York Times website on July 16, 2020. Below is her titled her piece, After Truly Seeing Me, He Didn’t Flee:

“What’s that?” he asked, pointing to the sign in my room that read “Boobs Not Bones.” He was the first friend (crush) I’d brought home since recovering from disordered eating behavior. At the start of my sophomore year of high school, I had already put in so much work: therapy to grapple with my father’s sudden death and my destructive fixation on weight. I even joined the marching band to make friends, where I met this friend (crush) who I now expected to high-tail out of my room and life. Instead, he gave me a long hug and became my love.

“Tiny Love Stories” is a part of The New York Times’ “Modern Love”: a weekly column, a book, a podcast – and now, in its 15th year, a television show – about relationships, feelings, betrayals, and revelations. You can read more “Tiny Love Stories” here.

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