Visit Ringling College at National Portfolio Day Events Across the US

Visit Ringling College at National Portfolio Day Events Across the US

Each year Ringling College attends National Portfolio Days around the country.  These events are free and open to the public and a great way to speak with accredited art and design colleges across the United States and Canada to get feedback on your portfolio. 

This year Ringling College will be at the following National Portfolio Days:

9-23-2017Denver, Colorado10-29-2017Saint Louis, Missouri
9-24-2017Atlanta, Georgia11-5-2017 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
9-30-2017Austin, Texas11-11-2017Charlotte, North Carolina
10-1-2017Dallas, Texas11-12-2017New York, New York
10-7-2017Cincinnati, Ohio11-5-2017Rochester, New York
10-8-2017Cleveland, Ohio11-18-2017Washington, DC
10-8-2017Minneapolis, Minnesota11-19-2017Baltimore, Maryland
10-14-2017Memphis, Tennessee12-2-2017Phoenix, Arizona
10-14-2017Milwaukee, Wisconsin12-3-2017Albuquerque, New Mexico
10-15-2017Chicago, Illinois1-6-2018Seattle, Washington
10-15-2017Nashville, Tennessee1-7-2018Portland, Oregon
10-21-2017Hartford, Connecticut1-13-2018New Orleans, Louisiana
10-21-2017Los Angeles, California1-13-2018San Diego, California
10-22-2017Boston, Massachusetts1-14-2018San Francisco, California
10-28-2017Kansas City, Missouri1-20-2018Miami, Florida
10-28-2017Richmond, Virginia1-21-2018Sarasota, Florida
10-29-2017Grand Rapids, Michigan  

There is no pre-registration required. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at or by phone at 941-309-0195. 

For more information about National Portfolio Days, and up to date information about event locations and times, please refer to the NPDA website.

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