Volunteer Project Shows Appreciation to Frontline Workers during Holidays

Volunteer Project Shows Appreciation to Frontline Workers during Holidays

Employees and volunteers of the Florida Department of Health in Sarasota County (DOH-Sarasota) received something special this holiday season, thanks to a collaborative volunteer project. 

As a token for their committed and honorable service, 500 greeting cards were created for them, in appreciation of the work they have continued to perform on the frontline throughout the pandemic. The cards were a collaboration between Ringling College of Art and Design,  Volunteer Sarasota County, the United Way Suncoast (UWS), and Sarasota Military Academy (SMA). 

500 beautifully and uniquely decorated cards were recently delivered to the DOH-Sarasota, and were mailed out the week following the Christmas holiday. 

The project was made possible by – 

Brenda Canales, Volunteer Coordinator for Sarasota County’s PRNR: for amazing project collaboration and dedicated support.

Eva Nazario, SMA Cadet: for excellent leadership, networking, and assistance with project marketing.

Chief Munoz, SMA Army Instructor (JROTC): for graciously leading the card decorating efforts, inspiring hundreds of SMA Cadets to personalize all 500 cards with bright colors. 

Heather Deyrieux, Manager – Workforce Planning & Volunteer Sarasota: for coordinating logos, card formatting, and providing guidance.

Susan Saulnier, Coordinator of Student Volunteerism & Service-Learning at Ringling College: for providing the beautifully illustrated black and white card designs.

Juni Johnson, Ringling College: for helping to create the inspiring card messages.

Rachel Levey-Baker, Director of Student Volunteerism and Service-Learning at Ringling College: for welcoming this opportunity to show appreciation for frontline workers.

Jessica Maxon- Berrier, Senior Specialist, Community Engagement for United Way Suncoast: for graciously contributing project materials and printing services.

Christine Griffith, Department of Health/Sarasota’s Covid-19 Vaccine Operations Department, and Edith Richman, Volunteer Intern Services Coordinator/FDOH: for project support and distribution.

Congratulations to all who helped make this important project possible and a big THANK YOU to all of our frontline workers and volunteers! 

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