Rose Marie Prins

Where Have All The Soldiers Gone...?, 2006


Rose Marie Prins, B.F.A., M.A., Ph.D.

CORE Studio Program



My involvement is with the tactile, sensuous aspects of materials that are often non-traditional. The source of my inspiration is a chemical reaction that occurs when compounds are mixed; or the changes that take place over time as an object weathers, exposed to the elements. Found objects acquire new identities and metaphorical meaning through this alchemical process. The work becomes akin to a relic that bears the imprint of time. Each piece is a documentation of my surrender to its daemon or spirit. As I add layer upon layer, building a textural surface, I am simultaneously unearthing an abstraction of my autobiography: the work is an external metaphor for an internal process; it attests to my own emotional, spiritual and intellectual journey.

In incorporating stitching into my work, I am reclaiming not only women's craft but a tradition in my own family: my grandmother was a dressmaker and some of my earliest memories are of my mother at her sewing machine.

Much of my work goes through a process of "wounding" and "healing." The "wounding" is a violation: I slash the canvas or paper; or burn portions of it with acid or blow torch. I then repair the "wound" with stitching: an amelioration of pain and loss that is part of the human condition.

On occasion, in reaction to the intensity of my usual process, I dip a large brush in Sumi ink, and trance-like, let the ink flow across the paper or canvas evoking Chinese calligraphy.



Rose Marie Prins has a Ph.D. in Studio Art and Arts Administration from The Union Institute and University, an M.A. in Art from Goddard College, a B.F.A. in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute, Teaching Credentials in Art from San Francisco State University, and a National Senior Certificate from the Johannesburg School of Art. Prins also studied studio art and feminist theory at the Woman's Building in Los Angeles and at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. Her mixed media paintings and sculpture have been exhibited throughout the United States (including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art), as well as in her native South Africa. Her most recent solo exhibition was in 2007 at C. Emerson Fine Arts in St Petersburg.

Among the grants and awards that she has received are fellowships to the Mary Anderson Center and the Hambidge Center, artists retreats, numerous grants as an Artist–in–Education in New Mexico and Virginia, and a scholarship from The Union Institute and University. Prins received a Professional Development Grant from Pinellas County Cultural Affairs in 2007, the John Brown Memorial Award for Painting in the Twelfth Annual All Florida Juried Exhibition in 2003, and juror's awards in the Twelfth Annual Women in the Visual Arts 1998 International Competition, Fourth Annual Exhibit: Art Windows on Route 66 (1989), and Third Annual Three Rivers Art Expo: On and Of Paper (1987) and others.

For the past seven years Rose Marie Prins has taught painting, drawing, sculpture and mixed media in a variety of institutions in Florida, including Eckerd College, the School of Visual and Performing Arts at Hillsborough Community College, the Gulf Coast Museum and The Arts Center in St. Petersburg. Besides teaching painting at The Arts Center and in Eckerd College's Program for Experienced Learners, Prins currently teaches drawing at the Ringling College of Art and Design.