The Ringling College Viewbook iPad version is a digital overview of our campus, the city of Sarasota, our majors, and success stories from our alumni. Dive into our campus and learn what it would be like to live and study in this tropical environment. Experience an inside look at each major and view examples of student work. Get the inside scoop on internships and take a look at our featured alumni to see what they are doing now. 

The Ringling College Viewbook (both print and iPad versions) is designed and produced entirely in-house by the Ringling College Design Center. It is published annually, and each issue is free for download from Apple's App Store. The free iPad edition includes images, videos, hyperlinks and other multimedia features. 


Download a PDF version of the Ringling College Viewbook


Please see below for answers to some important FAQs regarding the iPad version of the Ringling College Viewbook:

Q: How do I get the Ringling College Viewbook app?
A: Click here to download the app for iPad from Apple's App Store

Q: Does the app expire? 
A: No. Once you download the app you will have access to the content for as long as you keep the app.

Q: If I only want the app, and no longer want the print version, what should I do?
A: Email us at with a request to remove your name from our mailing list. Please include your full name and mailing address.

Q: Is iPad access included for international subscribers of the print version or for those who do not receive the print version?
A: Yes. The Ringling College Viewbook is free and available for anyone, regardless of location. You do not need to be on our mailing list to download the app. 

Q: Can I share the digital issue with friends? 
A: Absolutely! You can easily send your friends a link to where they can download the app themselves. When viewing the app on your device, tap the icon in the top right corner (the one with three small dots). A menu will drop down with options to send an email or a text message. When you select one of these options, the title of the current page you are viewing in the app along with a link to the App Store will be sent to your recipient. 

Q: Will the app run on my iPhone/Android/BlackBerry smartphone?
A: The Ringling College Viewbook app is currently not available for iPhone/Android/Blackberry smartphones. The app is currently only available for all iPad devices.

For assistance, support and/or questions, please email