AP Images Terms and Conditions (Usage Guidelines)


The Photo Archive is an online database containing more than 1,000,000 current and historical AP images for the last 150 years. The image resolution of the Archive content, when printed, is 72 dots per inch. Use of the AP Photo Archive is subject to the subscriber agreement given, in part, below. 

Permitted uses for the Archive includes: 

(1) Printed copies for book reports, term papers, theses, class handouts and for research; 

(2) "Power Point" presentations, overhead projection and slide shows and other similar multimedia whose usage is confined to the licensed institution; 

(3) Intranet Site Usage ("Intranet" is defined as a secure site available only to those who are members (teachers/students/staff) of the Subscriber and which is closed off from the Internet and World Wide Web. Such Site may not be accessible to the general public), 

(4) Transmitting an individual image to a specific e-mail user. 

Archive Photographs may not be used or published in newspapers, magazines, brochures, catalogs, commercial announcements, calendars, posters, yearbooks, playbills, newsletters, on t-shirts, or promotional items, or for commercial use or gain of any kind. 

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